Justin Bieber NOT Choked By Post Malone, Despite Report (PHOTO)

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Justin Bieber Choked Post Malone Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Choked Post Malone Photo


Justin Bieber was NOT choked by Post Malone, despite a report sensationalizing a photo of the performers during a fun night out in Houston. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

Last Saturday, Bieber’s “Purpose World Tour” took him to Texas, where Malone was his opening act. On stage, video captured the superstar lightly touching a cigarette to the R&B star’s arm. Afterward, the pair and their entourage celebrated the concert at a local night club.

But according to the Daily Mail, there’s evidence of “more sparring” between the two music acts in the wake of the cigarette stunt. The British tabloid points to a single picture of Malone with his arm outstretched and his hand loosely around Bieber’s neck. They’re surrounded by smiling friends and partygoers inside the club.

Bieber is described as “startled by what is happening,” even though the paper has absolutely no other information except for the lone picture, which caught a split-second moment in time. The Daily Mail even goes on to write, “It’s not known what the context of the two incidents is and whether it was simply hijinks or something else.” So allow Gossip Cop to tell you.

Both “incidents” are merely instances of Bieber and Malone rough-housing as they often do. One only need to look at the photo below from February to see how they like to goof off together. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Bieber, who exclusively tells us the singer and Malone have only been “joking” with each other.

UPDATE: On Wednesday afternoon, Post Malone confirmed our reporting, tweeting, “i love Justin y’all tripping lol. he’s my big brother and we like to rough house. if we was fighting someone would have done something instead of just sit around while the beibs gets chokeslammed. end of story. i love jus more than life.”

Justin Bieber Post Malone Instagram Photo



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