Justin Bieber Urges Fans To Buy Choir’s Charity Single Over His Number One Song “Love Yourself”

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Justin Bieber Charity song

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber Charity song

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Justin Bieber is trying to give the gift of a number one single this holiday season. The singer encouraged his British Twitter fans Wednesday to buy a charity single from the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir instead of his own single, “Love Yourself,” so that they could knock him from the top of the charts in the U.K.

Bieber’s “Love Yourself” has already been number one in the U.K. for the past two weeks, and is on track to be the U.K.’s number one song of Christmas 2015. As of Tuesday, Bieber’s single sold 3,000 more copies than the NHS Choir’s single, “A Bridge Over You.” But on Wednesday, Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, tweeted at Bieber and Ed Sheeran (who wrote the hit song), “Hmm…time to do the right thing boys. #giveback.”

Bieber immediately took Braun’s advice to heart and tweeted, “I’m hearing this UK Christmas race is close…but the @Choir_NHS single is for charity.” He then urged his fans to buy the NHS Choir’s single by tweeting, “so for 1 week it’s okay not to be #1. Let’s do the right thing and help them out.”

We’ll find out if Bieber’s plea made a difference when this year’s Christmas number one song is announced in the U.K. on Friday. Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Justin Bieber pushing for the charity single, “A Bridge Over You,” to outsell his song “Love Yourself” in the U.K.


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