Justin Bieber Takes Pictures Of Chantel Jeffries At Photoshoot — WATCH VIDEO!

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Justin Bieber Chantel Jeffries Photos August 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Chantel Jeffries Photos August 2015


Justin Bieber was spotted hanging out with a surprising, but familiar face on Friday: Chantel Jeffries, the model he was with during his infamous arrest last year. See photos and videos below.

As Gossip Cop reported in January 2014, Jeffries was partying with Bieber before he was pulled over in Miami for an alleged DUI. Toxicology tests later showed traces of marijuana and Xanax in his system. He took a plea deal nearly a year ago, getting sentenced to counseling and ordered to pay fines.

Despite rumors of a romance, Jeffries later said she never dated the superstar, and they seemed to fall out of touch. In fact, it seems they were only together on Friday, more than a year and a half after the incident, because of an unexpected run-in. Bieber is said to have stumbled upon Jeffries as she was doing a photoshoot in Laguna Beach.

Jeffries was participating in a campaign for San Lorenzo Bikinis, and photographer Derren Versoza let Bieber get behind the camera. In a video shared on Snapchat, he’s seen taking a few shots before Versoza asks for his camera back so he can do his job. He even jokingly wrote on Instagram afterward, “Give me my camera back. @justinbieber @chanteljeffries.”

For its part, San Lorenzo Bikinis didn’t mind the interruption, even posting on Instagram, “Sorry @derrenversoza looks like @justinbieber is the photographer on today’s shoot with @chanteljeffries.” Neither Jeffries nor Bieber have mentioned the run-in on their own pages. But the impromptu reunion has led “Chantel” to become to become a trending topic both worldwide and in the United States.

While there’s no indication that the hangout was anything other than innocent, fans are nevertheless debating the pros and cons. “I never said it was Chantel’s fault that Justin got arrested. Idk what went on. I’m just saying it reminds me of Justin getting arrested. damn,” wrote one Twitter user. Another posted, “The only reason I don’t like Justin hanging out with people like Chantel is bc it reminds me of the state he was in this time last year. Justin knows exactly what he did wrong last year by hanging out with people like Chantel so he’s obvious not going to do the same, it’s 2015.”

A different individual tweeted, “It’s justin’s life. if he is happy hanging with chantel, leave him be. gosh, i love u beliebers but u gotta let justin have his own life.” And someone else said, “Ok…literally none of us will ever date him so why do people get upset whether he’s seen with chantel or hailey or a random no name?”

“Hailey,” of course, is Hailey Baldwin, and she, too, has ended up trending on Twitter after being sighted with Bieber over the last year. Check out the new photos of Jeffries and Bieber shared on Instagram below, as well as the videos, and tell us what YOU think.

Justin Bieber Chantel Jeffries Photos August 2015


Justin Bieber Chantel Jeffries Pictures August 2015



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