Justin Bieber Talking To Pastor Carl Lentz About Proposing To Selena Gomez?

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Justin Bieber Carl Lentz Selena Gomez Proposal

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Carl Lentz Selena Gomez Proposal

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Justin Bieber may be talking to his confidantes, including Pastor Carl Lentz, about one day proposing to Selena Gomez. But no one is divulging that private information to a paparazzi agency, which is the outlet responsible for this latest story. Gossip Cop can expose this apparently manufactured tale.

In a piece featured on its website, X17Online speculates about Bieber and Gomez’s holiday plans before writing, “We wonder what JB will get his lady love as a gift? If you believe the rumors, it might be an engagement ring!” The blog contends the on-and-off couple is “taking their relationship super seriously this time around, and the ‘Sorry’ crooner allegedly wants to make things permanent.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Justin has been talking to his preacher Carl Lentz about proposing to Selena. He knows he wants her to be his wife, but he also wants to understand the ins and outs of marriage before popping the question.”

“Selena’s kidney transplant made him realize how short life can be, and he’s been telling his pals he can’t believe he wasted so much time hooking up with random chicks,” continues this supposed tipster, who further asserts, “His focus these days is building a future with Selena, focusing on his relationship with God, and making good career decisions with purpose.”

It seems like the outlet took the name of Bieber’s last album, Purpose, and combined it with his well-known religious devotion and his obviously rekindled romance with Gomez to craft this narrative. Furthermore, paparazzo photographers regularly follow the pair, and one even recently asked Bieber about proposing to Gomez. He didn’t vocalize any response, but appeared to blush.

Now the paparazzi agency wants readers to believe that along with tracking his whereabouts, a “source” close to Bieber is also divulging to it such private information as what he discusses with Lentz and whether he plans to get on one knee. But Gossip Cop is told that no one legitimately close to the singer would ever leak such personal details to X17. That’s probably why, as noted above, the comments from the purported snitch seem like something anyone could guess based on common knowledge about Bieber’s life.

Since the duo reunited, the gossip media has been quick to throw out claims that Bieber and Gomez are planning to marry. What they’re actually planning to do is go at their own pace, and rumors from tabloids and paparazzi agencies are not going to make their relationship move any faster.

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