Justin Bieber “Mystery Girl” Is Sofia Richie Friend Bronte Blampied

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Justin Bieber Bronte Blampied Mystery Girl

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Bronte Blampied Mystery Girl

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Justin Bieber wasn’t partying with a “mystery girl” in London on Friday, despite clueless “reporting” from other outlets. Gossip Cop can identify the woman as Bronte Blampied, a friend of Sofia Richie.

Bieber is the UK to perform at this weekend’s V Festival. On Friday night, he partied at the Tape London nightclub. When Bieber and Blampied left, they were of course ambushed by paparazzi, who blinded them with flashing camera lights as they made their way into a car.

The Daily Mail published the pictures with the headline, “Sofia Richie debuts new haircut in West Hollywood… as Justin Bieber parties with mystery girl and Rihanna in London.” The article repeatedly said how Bieber was with a “mystery girl” and a “mystery blonde.” But as Gossip Cop has noted on more than one occasion, just because the British tabloid can’t identify the person, that doesn’t make them a “mystery.”

It’s actually a sign of the paper’s poor journalism skills that it resorts to that “mystery” designation every time Bieber is seen with someone it can’t readily identify. The Daily Mail said Bieber was with a “mystery woman” in early July. And then said Bieber was with a “mystery female companion” later that month.

And, in another show of incompetence, TMZ actually did the opposite here, claiming the woman in the photos was Richie, and writing a whole post about how the singer “hit London town Friday night with GF Sofia Richie.” Once again, the woman is Blampied, who was also recently with Bieber in Hawaii earlier this month. So here we have two outlets with two different takes on the same photos. Both are wrong, and now busted.

UPDATE: TMZ has changed its incorrect story to say Bieber was out with a “Sofia Richie lookalike.” The site further calls Blampied “the chick,” and admits, “Here’s what we don’t know — who she is.” Pathetic.

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