Justin Bieber ‘British Butler’ Claim Not True

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Justin Bieber British Butler

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber British Butler

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Justin Bieber is NOT hiring a “British butler,” despite reports ridiculously claiming he wants an assistant like Batman’s Alfred Pennyworth. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the tall tale.

Picking up the allegation from the Daily Star, The Sun writes, “Canadian pop star Justin Bieber wants to add a British butler to his entourage. The ‘Sorry’ singer is reportedly searching for a manservant through a top U.S. household staff agency. He got the idea from the U.S. TV series ‘Gotham,’ in which English actor Sean Pertwee plays Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth.”

The British paper quotes a “source” as telling the fellow tabloid, “He feels an experienced man will be able to steer him through social situations he finds awkward, like knowing how to behave at a formal dinner party.” Naturally, various references are made to some of Bieber’s less-behaved moments. “Looks like his future butler has his work cut out for him,” snipes The Sun.

But both outlets should’ve done more work before spreading this silly story. Bieber is NOT looking for a “manservant” or “somebody to serve,” as falsely claimed. In fact, when Gossip Cop asked about the reports, the superstar’s spokesperson actually laughed, confirming the silly “Gotham” and “British butler” claims are not true. Looks like The Sun and Daily Star both just got served.


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