Justin Bieber Breaks Camera After Surprising “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Audience In New York — WATCH VIDEO!

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Justin Bieber Surprises Ellen DeGeneres Show Audience

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Surprises Ellen DeGeneres Show Audience

(Ellen DeGeneres Show)

Justin Bieber surprised Ellen DeGeneres’ audience when she taped a show in New York City earlier this week, and now Gossip Cop has a first look at the episode. Watch below!

DeGeneres amusingly begins by saying there’s too many plants on stage with her, and, unfortunately, she didn’t bring her Los Angeles hedge-trimmer with her. Instead, she made a call to her “East Coast gardener”… Justin Bieber! Not surprisingly, the audience goes wild when the superstar comes on stage carrying (an empty) water can.

DeGeneres goes on to congratulate Bieber on “What Do You Mean?” going to number one, and the crowd’s screams only get louder. The camera even shows one girl having a full-on meltdown, and the panic attack catches Bieber’s eye. But that’s not the only mayhem his appearance causes.

Bieber and DeGeneres later use gun-like cannons to fire t-shirts into the audience. The singer has the bright idea of aiming one right at the camera, and not only hits his target, but BREAKS the camera lens. Whoops!

The former child star is clearly embarrassed by his mishap, but DeGeneres laughs it off. Bieber’s episode will air next Tuesday, and Gossip Cop will have additional coverage as more clips are released. Check out the video below!


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