Justin Bieber ‘Breaking Out In Pimples’ Because Of Hailey Baldwin Engagement Stress?

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Justin Bieber Acne

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Justin Bieber Acne

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Justin Bieber is suffering from pimple breakouts because of “stress” from his engagement to Hailey Baldwin, according to two outlets. Gossip Cop can debunk this false storyline. Like many young adults, the superstar has been struggling with acne for years, dating back to long before he and Baldwin became engaged.

But sister publications the National Enquirer and RadarOnline are both declaring, “Love has wrecked Justin Bieber’s face!” It’s alleged the engagement is “wreaking havoc on his complexion,” because Bieber has “turned into a ‘Sorry’ mess of pimples, zits and acne since announcing his plans to marry” Baldwin. Both the supermarket tabloid and the site quote a so-called “pal” as saying, “Justin is stressed out about the wedding and that brought the mess on his mug.”

The articles go on to contend that Bieber and Baldwin have yet to set a wedding date, but he is still anxious for a “quick fix to his pizza face and is contacting dermatologists all over Los Angeles.” The supposed friend alleges, “He’s desperate to find a doctor who can help him, but there are no miracle cures and he’s close to having a breakdown.” The untraceable tipster even dramatically exclaims, “He’s terrified that he’ll suffer permanent damage to his skin!”

Apparently this “pal,” and the sister outlets, are unware that the singer’s acne is nothing new. Far from being a sudden problem brought on by engagement “stress,” he’s actually suffered from breakouts for years. In fact, Bieber signed on with Proactiv all the way back in 2010 for help with his skin, and he continued his work with Proactiv in 2012. Perhaps most infamously, Bieber’s zits were on display in his 2014 mug shot.

In 2017, Bieber posted a selfie on Instagram, and there was no hiding his breakouts then. What’s more, earlier this year Bieber did a video that focused on his face, which he captioned, “Pimples are in.” That was well before his proposal to Baldwin, and is evidence that he’s not upset about his appearance, contrary to the contentions. And given that Bieber has obviously been embracing his acne for quite a while, he clearly hasn’t been in a rush to seek new treatments.

As for the claims he’s “stressed” by his love life, People reported less than a month ago that Bieber is the “happiest he’s ever been.” More recently, in a story this week about Bieber and Baldwin’s summer, “Entertainment Tonight” shared how they are “still enjoying their time as a newly engaged couple.” Nothing was said about medical issues.

In sum: The National Enquirer and RadarOnline are peddling virtually identical stories that claim Bieber is breaking out in pimples because of stress from his engagement to Baldwin. But the performer has suffered from these same skin issues for years, as videos and photos show, and multiple publications have reported that he’s actually quite happy in the romance department. As such, these stories are clearly false. By the way, the above picture is from March, months before Bieber popped the question.


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