Justin Bieber ‘Breakdown’ Report NOT True

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Justin Bieber Breakdown June 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Breakdown June 2016

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Is Justin Bieber “headed for a breakdown”? That’s the claim in a tabloid story on Wednesday, but Gossip Cop can exclusively separate the fact from the fiction.

OK! writes in its new issue, “First it was the reckless drag racing, public urination and graffiti binges; then came the apology tour, imploring fans to forgive that silly petulance spree. Now Justin Bieber seems to be back on the edge and headed for a full-on meltdown.” The magazine goes on to mock Bieber’s “religious fervor” and criticize his discomfort with fan photos, even though neither is a sign of a “breakdown.”

The outlet also regurgitates the previously debunked claim that Bieber “flung a 15-year-old fan’s gift out a car window,” and quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “Justin is a bit unstable.” OK! even goes as far as calling Bieber’s behavior “bipolar,” even though he himself has never said that and, last we checked, the tabloid writers aren’t doctors. “His loved ones really want him to talk to a psychologist,” claims a different “source.” “He’s extremely vulnerable and they think it’s vital he gets help.”

But if this “insider” and “source” were actually close enough to know this information about Bieber, they certainly wouldn’t be spilling it to the tabloids. In fact, it seems the magazine simply spun a story around recent events with the superstar, painting them all as “meltdown” signs. But while Bieber certainly leads a life more stressful than people think, he is hanging in just fine.

And much of his behavior is misinterpreted, such as the aforementioned “gift” incident. Lastly, if OK! was actually concerned about Bieber’s mental health, it wouldn’t be writing stories like this. A rep for Bieber exclusively tells Gossip Cop the report has “no truth” to it.

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Justin Bieber is heading for a mental breakdown.


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