Justin Bieber didn't "botch" his Hyde Park concert at the British Summer Time festival on Sunday, contrary to a misleading and mean-spirited report. Gossip Cop can bust this highly sensational story, which favors fake news over real.

Although suffering from a cold, the superstar still managed to put on a great show in front of thousands. Multiple outlets detailed how he entertained the crowd and rapt fans were enthusiastic throughout his set. But the Daily Mail is claiming he "botched" the performance. "'I'm having a bad night': Rambling Justin Bieber baffles crowd at BST gig as he scolds backing singers and accidentally shoves vapour rub up his NOSE," reads the headline of the negatively-spun article.

"Justin Bieber came unstuck on Sunday at the BST Hyde Park concert with a shaky performance which left a packed crowd baffled," it's alleged in the piece. The British tabloid mocks the singer for trying to joke with the crowd while feeling under the weather, and claims "things went from bad to worse when he publicly scolded his backing singers for talking in-between songs." But if the UK paper cared about accuracy and truth-telling, it would know Bieber doesn't even have backup singers.

He does, however, have backup dancers, and it was to them he made a joking comment at one point. Bieber's behavior was in jest, as it often is. His affection for his entire crew is well known, and he even shared a pre-show photo on Instagram noting that his time praying them before taking the stage is one of his "favorite moments" (see below). And it's noteworthy that only the Daily Mail characterized Bieber's BST appearance in such bad light.

In contrast, the BBC declared in its headline, "Justin Bieber: How he hypnotised Hyde Park at BST gig." And while acknowledging there was some "awkward moments," The Independent asserted he carried out an "entertaining pop spectacle." Neither of those stories said anything was "botched." In fact, the BBC thought the concert went so well despite Bieber being sick that its article concluded by saying, "It would be hard to go home in anything other than high spirits after a show like this." The Independent similarly said, "Fans seem more than happy as they stream out of Hyde Park at the end of the evening."

So, why is the Daily Mail claiming fans were "baffled" and Bieber "botched" the show? It seems the outlet just wanted to do a hit piece, so it published what amounts to fake news. And as a consequence of misrepresenting what went really down, the site's comments section is now filled with remarks from concertgoers refuting the sensationalized and twisted claims. You reap what you sow.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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