Justin Bieber And Beyonce “Share Bed” Story Is Just HollywoodLife Clickbait

Truth rating: 10
Justin Bieber Share Bed Beyonce Jay Z

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Share Bed Beyonce Jay Z


Justin Bieber and Beyonce did not “share a bed” together, despite a misleading story that tries to trick readers into thinking Jay Z should be “worried.” Gossip Cop can expose this transparent attempt at clickbait.

In a prominent position on its homepage, HollywoodLife has a side-by-side picture of Bieber and Beyonce with the teaser, “Justin Shares Bed Beyoncé Should Jay Z Be Worried?” The headline for the specific article similarly states, “Justin Bieber Shares A Bed With Beyonce — Should Jay Z Be Worried?” The article’s photo also includes an inset of Jay Z (see below).

Based on all that alone, the webloid is clearly implying Bieber and Beyonce shared a bed together at the same time. There’s little room for a different interpration. And the bad blog even goes on to write, “Justin Bieber is one lucky guy! The ‘Love Yourself’ singer had a chance to share a bed with the one and only Beyonce while staying at an amazing hillside mansion in San Francisco’s Bay Area. So what is Jay Z supposed to think? Find out all the details here!”

The second paragraph reads, “OMG! We never thought we’d ever write these words, but Justin Bieber and Beyonce may have shared a bed in a multi-million dollar rental. No, we’re not joking. Are they hooking up? Was it a one time thing? Find out everything here!”

It’s only when one scrolls down to the third graph that HollywoodLies admits what’s really going on. “OK, you can relax. Justin and Beyonce may have slept in the same bed, but it was definitely at different times,” writes the outlet. “Thanks to Airbnb, Justin recently rented a hillside mansion in San Francisco’s Bay Area — the very same one Beyonce rented during the Super Bowl in February.”

To be clear: HollywoodLife set up a story in which the homepage teaser, article headline, photo, and first two paragraphs would lead readers to believe Bieber and Beyonce slept in a bed together. It’s only after the site has scored traffic from a person clicking on the article that the reader finds out he or she was manipulated. This isn’t journalism.

It’s clickbait. And even the webloid’s own commenters pointed it out. Two actually used that term, while another said, “this site sucks [expletive]. always gives fake info. losers!!!!!” While Gossip Cop certainly doesn’t condone the graphic, disparaging language, we agree with the point. Beliebers, Beyhive members, and all readers deserve better. See the misleading screengrabs below.



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