Justin Bieber Did NOT Blame Behavior On ADHD, Despite Report

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Justin Bieber ADHD Behavior

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber ADHD Behavior

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Justin Bieber did NOT blame his recent behavior on ADHD, despite a completely wrong report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

In Manchester last weekend, Bieber temporarily left the stage due to fans’ excessive screaming. Now The Sun is claiming the singer used ADHD as an excuse for his reaction. “‘I HAVE ADHD’ Justin Bieber hints that his behavioural disorder is to blame for his on-stage antics during UK tour,” reads the headline.

The story, published on Friday, says, “Justin Bieber has told his fans that his ADHD makes him behave differently to other people. The 22-year-old opened up about his behavioural disorder during his show in Glasgow last night — following his on-stage strop in Manchester. In an impassioned speech he told his fans at the SSE Hydro: ‘I think I have ADD, ADHD or something like that when my mind doesn’t work properly.'”

Bieber is further quoted as saying, “It doesn’t. Maybe I’m just different. Do you guys like different? Who wants to be just like everybody else, you know? I think that’s boring.” The article goes on to state, “And appearing to reference his recent on stage dramas, he continued: ‘Life is good. Life is great. We can overcome all obstacles. Would you agree? How many obstacles? All of the obstacles. Any obstacle that comes in our way, we can overcome it. Nothing’s too big a challenge.’”

But Bieber didn’t say these things at Thursday night’s Glasgow show at the SSE Hydro. He didn’t even say them in that order. The remarks are actually from a speech the singer gave at a London concert back on October 15.

On stage at the O2 Arena, Bieber was indeed speaking about overcoming obstacles when he became distracted by a bright spotlight. THAT’S why and when he made the ADD and ADHD comments. It had nothing to do with his decision to leave the stage in Manchester, a concert that took place eight days later.

In other words, The Sun is falsely claiming Bieber blamed his actions of October 23 on ADHD at a show on October 27, when the comments in question were actually said on October 15 and obviously had nothing to do with future events. That’s quite the screw-up. Watch the videos below to see Bieber’s speech, which, again, took place before the incident in Manchester. NOTE: The videos are no longer available.

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