Justin Bieber NOT “Trying To Entice” Baskin Champion With Unbuttoned Shirt, Despite Claim

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Justin Bieber Entice Baskin Champion

By Shari Weiss |

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Justin Bieber was not “trying to entice” Baskin Champion with an unbuttoned shirt, despite an absurd claim. Gossip Cop can bust this false story. It amounts to nothing more than clickbait.

“Justin Bieber Unbuttons His Shirt After Soccer Game — Is He Trying To Entice Baskin Champion?” asks HollywoodLife in a sensational and provably untrue headline. According to the silly narrative, “It didn’t take [Bieber] long to confidently show off his fit body” when he changed shirts at a soccer match on Saturday. The site asserts that when Bieber changed tops, “he left [the new shirt] unbuttoned, showing off his tattooed chest, while walking around.” Opines the childish outlet, “We can’t say we blame him. Who wouldn’t want to flaunt their body if it looked like his?”

What does any of this have to do with “entic[ing]” Champion? Well, towards the end of its inane piece, the blog points out that “when Justin isn’t playing soccer or dealing with unexpected events such as [his recent] car accident, he’s recently been hanging out” with the model. But nowhere does the website even try to support its initial premise that Bieber unbuttoned his shirt to impress his supposed new love interest. That’s probably because the online publication can’t substantiate such a claim.

Bieber’s soccer game was photographed by paparazzi and none of the pictures feature Champion. That’s because she wasn’t there. It makes no sense, then, to assert he was trying to “entice” a person with his appearance when that person wasn’t even there to witness how he did or didn’t look. Furthermore, the singer has no need to focus on earning Champion’s attention, anyway. They aren’t actually in a full-on romantic relationship.

As E! Online recently reported about Bieber and Baskin spending time together, “To say they are dating is a huge stretch.” Similarly, People has a story about Bieber’s continued interest in Selena Gomez that notes, “He isn’t dating,” despite his hangouts with Champion. He has no reason to try to “entice” someone he’s not intending on dating.

What’s really going on is that, to borrow the site’s own word, the blog wanted to entice readers to click on its story by connecting Bieber’s run-of-the-mill soccer game to Champion. HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, opted for a salacious spin, much like it did two days ago when it ran an article with the headline, “Justin Bieber Gets Into Scary Car Accident & Cops Called — Was Baskin Champion In The Car?” Champion was not with Bieber when he had a minor crash and the website was well aware of that. It just decided to try to forge a sensational connection anyway to hook fans’ interest.

The same thing is going on now with the photos of Bieber at his soccer game. Neither situation had anything to do with Champion, contrary to what the outlet is wrongly trying to get people to believe. It’s no wonder Bieber himself has tried to shut down HollywoodLife, blasting it as both “untruthful” and “garbage.”


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