Justin Bieber NOT “Going Bald,” Despite Report

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Justin Bieber Bald

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Justin Bieber Bald

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Justin Bieber is not “going bald,” despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can correct a report that wrongly contends the singer is suffering from “male pattern baldness.” We’re told it’s “false.”

In an article published on Sunday, MediaTakeOut notes in a headline, “SHOCK IMAGES: Pop Singer JUSTIN BIEBER Is Going BALD… Look At Him… He’s Just 23 Years Old.” In the accompanying article, the outlet posts several side-by-side photos of Bieber with different hairstyles, which it tries to use as evidence to support its off-base premise. “Bieber has everything in the world – except his HAIR,” claims the unreliable site, before adding, “New pics show that the 23 year old pop sensation is suffering from MALE PATTERN BALDNESS.”

Curiously, the “new pics” that MediaFakeOut offer as proof are actually from July when simply his hair was shorter. Additionally, the website has no sources to back-up its claim. It’s merely making a judgement call, based on four-month-old images and declaring it as fact. But despite the outlet’s assertion, Bieber is not “going bald,” nor is he suffering from “male pattern baldness.”

Actually, it’s clear that he still has a full head of hair, regardless of its length and style, based on a selfie Bieber shared on Instagram just 24 hours ago. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a mutual pal of ours and Bieber, who tells us on background that MTO’s entire story is “false.” The site’s headline appears to just be clickbait designed to dupe readers into believing Bieber is losing his hair. But it’s nothing more than a bald-faced lie.

This isn’t the first time we’ve corrected MediaFakeOut for wrongly claiming a celebrity is losing his or her hair. Oddly, the outlet has a strange obsession with stars allegedly going bald. In 2015, for example, Gossip Cop called out the website for falsely maintaining that Rihanna was going bald. And shortly before that absurd article, we debunked another MTO story that inaccurately asserted Kim Kardashian was losing her hair. Much like those stories, this latest one about Bieber going bald is similarly thin in the the truth department.