Justin Bieber Wrongly Linked To Ashley Benson And Rich Wilkerson’s Wife

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Justin Bieber Ashley Benson Rich Wilkerson Wife

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Ashley Benson Rich Wilkerson Wife

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Justin Bieber is wrongly linked to Ashley Benson and Rich Wilkerson’s wife in a new story that unfairly attempts to paint him as some kind of man whore. Gossip Cop can expose the sensationalism.

The Daily Mail asks in a headline, “Who has his heart?” The accompanying article says Bieber’s “been busy in Miami” because while on break from his “Purpose Tour,” he was “seen with three women.” But what’s set up to be a scandalous story is anything but.

The British paper writes, “On Sunday the ‘Sorry’ hit maker wore white CK briefs as he showed off his impressive wakeboarding skills while with actress Ashley Benson. He was also seen talking to a pretty blonde mystery woman. Later the Canadian was spotted with alleged flame Kourtney Kardashian at Story nightclub where they were celebrating mutual friend Dave Grutman’s birthday.”

And Bieber is dating none of them. The tabloid, of course, is clueless about that, and babbles on about the singer spending time with Benson, noting how she’s friendly with Hailey Baldwin and co-starred with Selena Gomez in Spring Breakers. It’s also said, “Though she has been linked to Ryan Good, he did not appear to be on the trip.”

That’s a complete lie. Good was indeed on the trip, which was a group vacation they documented on social media. Further stepping in it, the publication goes on, “As far as the mystery blonde, she could have been the girlfriend of one of his friends, or she could have been a new love interest.”

Well, she’s neither a girlfriend nor a love interest. She’s actually married to Wilkerson, who is pictured with them in the paparazzi photos the Daily Mail chose to run. But rather than printing them with accurate descriptions, the outlet chose to make it seem like Bieber was getting romantic with multiple women.

Gossip Cop has called out the Daily Mail several times this years for such misleading stories about Bieber and it’s only July. We will continue to do so throughout 2016 as necessary.

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