Justin Bieber 22nd Birthday Party Draws Stars – WATCH VIDEO

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Justin bieber birthday party

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin bieber birthday party

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Justin Bieber threw a 22nd birthday party for himself at a Bel Air mansion on Saturday, which drew gal pal Hailey Baldwin, Diddy, The Game, Joe Jonas and many more. See some video from the birthday bash below.

Guests first walked a long lit-up red carpet that had “JB/22” signs attached to bushes that ran alongside the entrance. The led to the back, by the pool, where most of the party and dancing was. At one point, Diddy presented Bieber with a Bad Bad varsity jacket. The singer naturally took off his shirt before trying on his new jacket. Diddy also gave the birthday boy a $100 bill, as the DJ played the rapper-mogul’s song “All About The Benjamins.”

Also at the party were Hayes Gier, Ryan Good, the producer of Bieber’s documentaries Believe and Never Say Never, and Dr. Jocelyn Miranda, his chiropractor friend who’s been working on his neck issues. Gossip Cop is told there were also a slew of music industry types and plenty of young attractive women.

When people weren’t dancing outside by the pool, many hung out inside the massive home’s kitchen drinking and enjoying themselves. We hear Bieber, at one point, even had a dance-off. Check out some video below from the singer’s birthday party. Bieber’s actual 22nd birthday, however, is on Tuesday.


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