Justin Bieber Performs Unplanned Concert At 10ak Club In L.A. (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber 10ak

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber 10ak

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Justin Bieber put on an unplanned concert at 1Oak in Los Angeles on Saturday night, and Gossip Cop has the video. With Tyga by his side, Bieber stood up by the deejay’s deck, and performed a few of his newest hits. For the most part, the crowd loved it. See the video below.

Bieber performed “What Do You Mean,” “Sorry,” “Where Are U Now,” and “Wait For A Minute” during his unscheduled concert. And while his voice was a bit scratchy, the audience had a great time overall. In fact, at one point, Bieber joked to the over 21 crowd, “How many people thought that you would like Justin Bieber?” When the clubgoers cheered wildly in response, Bieber said, “I didn’t even know.”

But not all at 1Oak were Beliebers. When he asked the packed crowd to “put your [expletive] hands up,” not nearly as many people did, prompting Bieber to tell them, “If your not feeling this right now, get the [expletive] out here.” He then went on with his performance.

To his credit, Bieber likes to give impromptu performances for his fans. In 2012, for example, he used a megaphone to sing “Boyfriend” outside his hotel window in Paris. More recently, he sang Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love To You” at the W Hotel in L.A. during its “Jazz Night,” and of course crooned “My Girl” in the bar of the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills with Selena Gomez.

Check out the video below of Justin Bieber giving an unplanned performance of “Sorry,””What Do You Mean,” “Wait For A Minute,” and “Where Are U Now” at the L.A. club 1Oak.


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