Justin Bieber Celebrates 10 Years Of Kidrauhl YouTube Channel

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Justin Bieber 10 years Kidrauhl

By Michael Lewittes |

Justin Bieber 10 years Kidrauhl

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Justin Bieber is celebrating the 10-year anniversary since he launched his YouTube channel, which he named Kidrauhl. On Sunday, along with a link to his YouTube channel, Bieber tweeted, “#10yearsofkidrauhl where it all began. Thanks.” Not surprisingly, “#10yearsofkidrauhl” began to immediately trend on Twitter, and his legion of fans posted reactions to his special milestone. Read some of them below.

A Twitter user with the handle @PurposeTourInfo wrote, “Justin has come so far. From singing on youtube to winning one Grammy and being nominated for another 4 ones! Incredible! #10YearsOfKidrauhl.” “It’s been 10 years since justin bieber started his youtube channel i’m so emotional #10yearsofkidrauhl,” added @FemaleTexts. Like many others, ‏@JB_INeedU posted a photo of a young Bieber, along with the message, “Thank you for not giving up on your dreams we love you so much! @justinbieber #10YearsOfKidrauhl.”

An account holder named ‏@bizzleattitude expressed, “Justin was a little kid chasing his dream and now he’s a legend that people won’t forget. #10YearsOfKidrauhl.” Above a video of Bieber over the years, ‏@daddybieberrr tweeted, “He is a good example to believe in your dreams and never give up on them :) #10yearsofkidrauhl.” Next to a picture of a very young Bieber playing his guitar outside, Twitter user @nataliemalak recalled, “From the stairs of the avon theater to a world wide super star. Who knew this would happen? #10yearsofkidrauhl.” And @journalsfire offered, “Take a minute to realize that a simple yt channel changed the life of a talented guy and not only his life, but ours too. #10yearsofkidrauhl.”

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