“#Justiceforbrokeliebers” – Justin Bieber Fans Complain About $2,000 Meet And Greet For “Purpose Tour”

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Justin Bieber Fans Complain Meet Greet

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Fans Complain Meet Greet

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Justin Bieber fans are using “#justiceforbrokelieber” to complain about the $2,000 cost of meet and greets on his upcoming tour.

As Gossip Cop reported, last week Bieber announced his “Purpose World Tour.” The North American leg kicks off in March, and will have Bieber criss-crossing the United States and Canada through July. Tickets officially go on sale Friday, but select pre-sales began on Monday.

And that’s when fans saw that access to meet and greets for the “Ultimate Purpose Experience” would cost a whopping $2,000. That price is outside the realm of possibility for many, and now Beliebers have taken to Twitter to rant and vent about that situation. The tweets have led the hashtag to become a trending topic both worldwide and in the United States.

“2k for a m&g do they forget that most of us are students? I can barely afford the school bus,” tweeted one fan. Someone else remarked that Bieber “wants people to treat him like a normal person but wants $2000 for a selfie.” One person even dramatically sighed, “At this rate I’ll never be able to afford breathing the same air as Justin.”

A different individual quipped, “i want a dinner, a proposal, and a lap dance after that for 2000$.” And in a lengthy message, one fan candidly shared just how difficult this situation is for her:

“I’m really mad at Justin and his whole crew. I’m a Belieber since 2009 and I never met or saw him. That’s not bc I don’t want to see him or something. Justin is my idol he’s my life and I’m here since the beginning. But I don’t have money. I literally don’t have money. My parents are broke and sometimes we don’t have food to eat because we’re broke. After the My World Tour and Believe Tour I cried everyday bc I didn’t [have the chance] to meet Justin. Now he’s gonna have the Purpose Tour and I’m so happy because my parents give me money for the Purpose Tour (first I said no bc I know my parents don’t have money for a concert but my dad told me: Go to Justin I want to see you happy and Justin is a good kid and makes you happy. He said I’m gonna work 2 jobs if I found a job to get the money back I gave you) so I cried and I feel happy for the first time in my life. I thought I’m gonna buy a M&G tickets but the M&G tickets are 2K!!! The tickets are more expensive than my whole life. Justin think about the poor Beliebers like me. We don’t have money like you have. So 2K is insane. I’m crying… I hate my life…”

Many also pointed out that Bieber has repeatedly referred to Purpose as “our” album, but it wasn’t a joint burden here. One heavily circulated message read, “‘Our tour’ ‘Our album’ Bitch you gonna hand over some of ‘our money’ so I can afford to see you perform ‘our sh*t’?”. But while one person tweeted “this is killing me, someone in team Bieber gotta see this,” another was resigned to the situation, saying, “At the end of the day, m&g tix will still be $2,000 lol.”

Indeed, it seems highly unlikely the price will be altered. Tell us what you think about the controversy in the comments below.


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