Jussie Smollett On “The View”: Donald Trump Music Video Not “Hate Letter” To President – WATCH

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Jussie Smollett The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jussie Smollett The View Video


Jussie Smollett discussed targeting Donald Trump in his new music video on Friday’s “The View,” explaining why it’s not a “hate letter” to the president. Check out the video below.

On Thursday, the “Empire” star released a politically-charged music video for his song “F.U.W.,” which stands for “F*cked Up World.” In it, a man in a wheelchair runs over a mask of Trump. The video also addresses immigration, women’s rights, and the battle over transgender bathrooms.

Smollett, who not only wrote the song but also directed the clip, said on the ABC talk show, “I just feel like we as a nation, and essentially really as a world, we tend to have a thing that we do where we only stand up for the things that directly affect us.” He pointed out that he’s not a woman or transgender, doesn’t live in Flint and isn’t protesting at Standing Rock, “but I am a human being and I am part of this world. It’s my opportunity and my responsibility to represent everybody.”

Asked about the Trump moment, the actor-singer insisted, “This is not so much a hate letter to our current administration, but more so a love letter and a call to action to us that actually believe the same thing,” those who want to protest like him. “We can easily be turned into a fascist dictatorship with the way we’re going,” Smollett warned.

He rejected the criticism his video is inciting violence and the imagery overshadows his message. “This is for the oppressed. This isn’t for him,” Smollett said, adding, “If that is all you get from it, then my friend, you’re missing the point.” And when asked about Trump’s “jail time” tweet about Snoop Dogg’s controversial music video, the star said, “What’s amazing to me is he has so much time to tweet about these things, yet the first thing I thought of was all of the images of the white folks that had pictures of Obama during the Obama administration hung from a noose, and not once did I hear 45, when he wasn’t the president, step up on Twitter and say those people should be put in prison.”

Smollett went on to say, “I truly respect the office of the presidency of the United States. I do not respect the man who is in the office of presidency of the United States.” Calling for people to “stand up” and “resist,” he noted, “I’ve always led with love, and I’ll always lead with love. So I will only step up and stand up against someone who leads with hate.” Watch below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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