Julianne Moore Talks “Criminal” Harvey Weinstein, Gun Safety On “The View”

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The Viiew Julianne Moore Video

By Shari Weiss |

The Viiew Julianne Moore Video


Julianne Moore spoke about Harvey Weinstein and the need for gun safety on “The View” on Thursday. Check out the video below.

Moore was on the ABC talk show to promote her two new movies, Wonderstruck and Suburbicon, but the discussion started off with Sunny Hostin bringing up the Weinstein sexual assault and harassment scandal. The actress confirmed she is not among the victims, prompting Joy Behar to crack, “You’re the one who hasn’t!” Moore then confirmed that in the wake of the allegations, she and her cast mates have “walked away” from a show they planned to do with The Weinstein Company for Amazon. “It’s just not worth it,” she said.

Moore then turned to Hostin, wanting the former federal prosecutor’s expertise. “I don’t understand how it’s possible, how it’s legal to have a non-disclosure agreement where there’s been sexual abuse. Why is that legal?” She asked. The lawyer responded, “That’s a great question. It isn’t. There’s a limit to how much silence these people can buy. What most survivors and victims don’t understand is that you cannot buy silence when it comes to reporting it to law enforcement and to the government. So, if you have been raped, you can go to the police. It doesn’t matter that you signed this NDA.”

But, Hostin explained, “What matters is if you take a settlement and then you sign a confidentiality agreement.” Moore exclaimed, “I don’t see how that’s legal, either. It’s criminal behavior! That’s what really upsets me.” Hostin added, “One thing I will say is they buy the ability to keep you from speaking out in public and we have to do something about that.” Agreed the star, “Yeah, we do. I think we have to teach people that’s unacceptable. That that’s something that’s not good for anybody.”

Whoopi Goldberg then brought up Moore’s involvement in Everytown For Gun Safety, “which says it’s not about control, it’s about safety.” Moore confirmed, “It’s about safety. People like to talk about it as if it’s a 2nd Amendment issue. It’s a safety issue. A gun is a machine. For instance, when cars were introduced, we had a number of fatalities because we didn’t have safety regulations. We didn’t have seat belts and speed limits and air bags. So we’re asking for those same kinds of things with guns. Registration, licensing, background checks.”

“I also think, personally, limitations on the amount of firearm you can own. Why he had 47 firearms, I don’t know,” Moore continued, referring to the Las Vegas shooter. “So I think all of those things. Listen, no one has an answer, [but] we know how we can limit fatalities, we know how we can make it less painful for everybody involved.” Watch the video below.

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