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Julianne Hough Wedding OK


Julianne Hough's wedding with Brooks Laich has not taken place yet, despite what a new tabloid cover leads people to believe. Gossip Cop can explain why this cover story is misleading.

The new cover of OK! announces, "Julianne Hough: Wedding & A Baby! Spectacular Ceremony In Utah." The front of the issue also teases that Hough taught Laich "their first dance," the "stunning dress & $1 million ring," and "why her 'DWTS' co-star weren't invited." Hough is even pictured in a white dress. It's all designed to make readers think the wedding already happened and the tabloid has all the details.

But that's not actually the case. Hough isn't expected to tie the knot until July 8. But with the upcoming holiday week, it seems the gossip magazine is banking that its issue will still be on newsstands after the nuptials. Then, when fans see it available, they'll think the article contains the scoop on what went down at the wedding.

Unfortunately, readers are in for a rude awakening whether they buy the edition now or later, because it's a total bait-and-switch. Since, as already noted, the wedding has not yet taken place, the OK! cover story is about what the outlet thinks is going to happen at the festivities. Inside the issue, under the headline "Sweet Summer Wedding," the publication writes, "The 'Dancing with the Stars' judge and her hunky pro player beau are set to tie the knot in early July." Yeah, and the tabloid is hoping this edition coincides with the wedding so fans shell out $5.99 for a pre-written article.

A so-called "friend" is quoted as telling the magazine how Hough has planned a "low-key but festive family affair" at her "family lake house in Utah." But many of the purported details are unconfirmed and suspiciously phrased. For instance, the outlet writes that "Jenny Packham is said to be crafting" Hough's bridal gown. The alleged friend adds, "Julianne and Brooks can't wait to make it official."

But anyone looking at the publication's cover would think it already IS official. And what about the "baby" portion of the "Wedding & A Baby" declaration? Well, in the actual piece, the supposed source claims to the tabloid that the couple "can't wait to be parents" and are "ready to build a life and a family together." In other words, there's only vague assertions about two people who are getting married wanting to have children. It's shocking information, we know.

Curiously, there's nothing in the story about a "$1 million ring" and the "first dance," even though teases on both topics were touted on the cover. The bottom line is the OK! cover is extremely deceptive. The wedding is still days away and there's no baby at this time. Readers deserve better.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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