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Julia Roberts is not "wasting away" as her marriage to Danny Moder supposedly hangs by a thread. It's just another false rumor from a tabloid that consistently attacks the actress's appearance and her relationship. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

According to NW, Roberts is "on the brink of losing it" as she tries to keep her 17-year marriage intact. An alleged insider tells the magazine the actress looked "extremely gaunt and frail" during a recent outing in Los Angeles, and her pals are "horrified by how thin she's become in the past two months." The supposed source adds, "She has always been a slim woman, but those cheekbones could poke someone's eyes out."

The tipster blames the actress's alleged health woes on the "toxic state" of her marriage. "The pressure on her to have this perfect marriage is relentless," says the suspicious source, adding that Roberts "is convinced every time Danny's away filming that he'll find a new woman." The "insider" adds, "Julia gets paranoid, screams the house down and so the cycle continues."

From there, the questionable source says Roberts hasn't been eating properly for months, adding, "It could be from the stress of things getting messy with Danny or it could be to get his attention - perhaps a little of both." The story gets even more absurd when the "insider" says Moder might decide to "file for divorce and take half her money," and then "head for Hawaii with her kids and never come back."

Nothing about the tabloid's story is true. For starters, Roberts looked very happy and healthy on the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards last week. She doesn't appear to have dropped any weight at all. Roberts was also beaming while visiting high school students in Vietnam along with Michelle Obama on Monday. There's nothing remotely "gaunt" or "frail" about her appearance.

As for the actress's marriage, it's also going strong. Just last month, Gossip Cop busted NW for falsely claiming Roberts and Moder were headed for a $200 million divorce after a fight on her birthday. In October, the magazine said Roberts was leaning on ex-boyfriend Jason Patric amid marriage problems. In August, the outlet insisted Roberts would be getting plastic surgery to save her marriage. The previous month, the publication contended that Moder had dumped Roberts for a younger actress. Gossip Cop debunked all of these stories, which don't seem to follow any sort of timeline that makes sense.

Roberts and Moder remain happily married after 17 years and three kids. NW just won't let go of its phony ongoing saga. A source close to the couple assures us these false rumors about the actress's marriage and health are baseless.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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