Julia Roberts, Richard Gere NOT In Secret Romance, Despite Tabloid Cover Story

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By Andrew Shuster |

Julia Roberts Richard Gere Romance


Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are not developing a secret romance nearly 30 years after co-starring together in Pretty Woman, despite a completely false tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can bust this fake news.

The co-stars reunited in 2015 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their classic romantic comedy on the “Today” show, during which they greeted each other with a friendly kiss. Star begins its new cover story by referencing this moment, but inaccurately says they “threw caution to the wind” and “locked lips.” It may have slightly appeared like a kiss on the mouth based on the angle of the camera, but Gere actually gave Roberts a peck on the cheek.

Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the tabloid from quoting a supposed “source” as saying, “They both knew it wasn’t altogether appropriate to be kissing like that. But they just couldn’t help themselves.” Even more deceptively, the magazine’s cover features a black-and-white screenshot of the former co-stars’ on-air kiss, along with the caption, “Caught Kissing!” Once again, we’re talking about a kiss on the cheek at the “Today” show studio in front of TV cameras.

Regardless, the outlet’s dubious insider continues, “Julia and Richard are undeniably drawn to each other and always have been. Up until now, the timing hasn’t been right, but now friends are wondering if that’s going to change.” The tabloid’s questionable source further claims the actress and actor “have met numerous times for discreet dinner dates,” including an “intimate dinner at a five-star restaurant” inside a secluded area of a Los Angeles hotel.

The untrustworthy magazine goes on to allege Roberts’ 15-year-marriage to Danny Moder is “on its last legs,” so she’s been turning to Gere for support during her supposed marital struggles. “Julia is captivated by Richard,” adds the supposed insider, who goes on to say the pair’s relationship has “reached the point where their attraction toward each other is blatantly obvious to everyone around them.” The “source” continues, “A lot of people think they’d be better off going public with their relationship instead of tiptoeing around. It’s almost like Julia and Richard are destined to be together!”

Gossip Cop, however, checked in with a rep for Gere, who exclusively assures us the tabloid’s story is entirely “false.” There’s simply no romance brewing between the actor and his former co-star. We’re further told Star never even reached out to Gere’s spokesperson before publishing its phony article. Regardless, the Pretty Woman co-stars aren’t becoming an off-screen couple.

Of course, Star has a long history of spreading fake news about the famous actress. Gossip Cop previously busted the tabloid’s inaccurate cover story claiming Roberts and her husband were getting a divorce over Owen Wilson. We also corrected the magazine after it wrongly reported last year Roberts was pregnant with her fourth child. This latest article involving Gere is equally untrue.