Julia Roberts and Richard Gere's relationship has been the subject of phony tabloid stories ever since they co-starred together in Pretty Woman nearly 30 years ago. The longtime friends have never dated, but that hasn't stopped the gossip media from frequently alleging otherwise. Here are a few recent romance rumors that Gossip Cop has busted.

In September 2018, Gossip Cop busted OK! Australia for falsely claiming Roberts was leaning on Gere amid a marriage crisis with Danny Moder. A so-called "insider" was quoted as telling the outlet, "Julia broke down in his arms from the strain and exhaustion, and Richard was there to comfort her." The magazine never bothered to mention that Gere himself is happily married to Alejandra Silva, with whom he shares a baby boy. And shortly before the bogus story emerged, Roberts shared an Instagram photo of her and Moder hugging on a beach.

In June 2019, OK! made up a ridiculous story about Roberts being secretly in love with Gere. Once again, the tabloid alleged the actress's marriage was "crumbling," and Gere was there to provide support. A supposed insider said, "Richard's always been the one that Julia's turned to in tough times, and she feels like no one knows her like he does." The false report came on the heels of Roberts praising Moder and their marriage in several different interviews, including in her Harper's Bazaar cover story and on Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop podcast.

Just a few days later, OK!'s sister publication, the Globe jumped in on the action with an untrue story claiming Roberts and Gere believed they were soulmates. Just like the previous stories, this one also alleges that Roberts' marriage was "rocky" and, of course, she "often leans on Richard for support." Seeing a pattern here? The pattern is based on a lie about the actress's 17-year marriage being in trouble, which isn't the case. Gossip Cop once again proved why the ongoing narrative has never been true.

And just last month, Gossip Cop corrected OK! for wrongly reporting that Roberts and Gere were planning a Pretty Woman reunion tour. Naturally, the tabloid predicted there would be a romance between the two stars on their "tour." A "source" claimed they were looking forward to "cozy dinners" and it was a "dream scenario for Julia and Richard," implying the two might be tempted to cheat on their respective spouses. Gere's own spokesperson told us on the record that there's no Pretty Woman reunion tour being planned. Unfortunately, we suspect there will be plenty of more fiction printed about the former co-stars and longtime pals.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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