Julia Roberts, Richard Gere Planning ‘Pretty Woman’ Reunion Tour?

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Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are not touring together

By Hugh Scott |

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are not touring together

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Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are not planning to go on a Pretty Woman reunion tour next year, despite a false tabloid story. The premise is simply made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

A story in this week’s OK! says the former co-stars will be teaming up for a world press tour to promote the 30th anniversary of their hit rom-com, which was released in March 1990. “This is a dream scenario for Julia and Richard,” says an alleged insider, who goes on to imply that Roberts and Gere may have ulterior motives for going on a press tour together.

The anonymous source says the former co-stars are looking forward to catching up “over cozy dinners,” despite both actors being happily married and having never been a couple themselves. The magazine softens the claim at the end of the story by saying, “Julia and Richard would never jeopardize their marriages, but they’re thrilled to have the perfect excuse to enjoy some time together.”

The publication’s story is coming from an unknown tipster, but Gere’s spokesperson tells Gossip Cop on the record that it’s simply “not true.” There’s no reunion tour in the works for the 30th anniversary of Pretty Woman. It should also be noted, the tabloid doesn’t bother to explain what this tour would even entail. Are Roberts and Gere going around the world screening the film? Are they going on the talk show circuit? OK! doesn’t bother to flesh out the details of its phony premise.

It’s not surprising to see this story in OK!, which falsely claimed in June that claimed Roberts was secretly in love with Gere. That bogus story was based on the false notion that the actress’s marriage to Danny Moder was “crumbling” because she shared an “intense chemistry and close bond” with her co-star. Roberts and Moder are still happily married and celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary last month.

Last year, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for wrongly reporting that Roberts was leaning on Gere amid a marriage crisis. Similar to the report in June, the tabloid said the actress was using Gere “to comfort her” amid an impending divorce. Nothing about that report panned out. This latest article has dialed back the romantic aspect a bit, but fails to acknowledge all of those past stories about Roberts leaving her husband for Gere. Regardless, they won’t be cozying up to each other on a Pretty Woman reunion tour.


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