Julia Roberts Warned Reese Witherspoon To Stay Away From Niece Emma Roberts?

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Julia Roberts Reese Witherspoon Emma Roberts

By Andrew Shuster |

Julia Roberts Reese Witherspoon Emma Roberts

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One of this week’s tabloid claims Julia Roberts warned Reese Witherspoon to stay away from her niece Emma Roberts. The story is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

In an interview with Porter magazine earlier this month, Emma was asked to name “TV’s biggest female trailblazer,” and she chose Witherspoon for her work as the star and executive producer of HBO’s “Big Little Lies.” The young actress said, “I’ve loved her ever since I was a kid, just for her acting. But what she’s done with ‘Big Little Lies’… She’s a powerhouse. It’s really amazing to see what’s possible now.” Emma went on to say that seeing Witherspoon getting involved behind the scenes “makes me feel confident in the places I can go in my career.”

Emma’s comments inspired Woman’s Day Australia to come up with the absurd headline, “Julia Tells Reese: ‘Leave My Family Alone.’” The accompanying article says Julia “is livid” over Emma’s kinds words about Witherspoon, who the outlet describes as her “rival.” The magazine further contends that Julia is “on the warpath” and has even “warned” Witherspoon to stay away from her niece.

An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Julia has always been Emma’s inspiration when it comes to acting. Julia and Reese move in the same circles, but they’re also in competition with each other.” The supposed source adds, “Julia knows she’ll be battling Reese and ‘Big Little Lies’ with her latest project, ‘Homecoming,’ at future awards. This is only going to intensify that rivalry.”

The tabloid’s story is absurd. For starters, Emma complimented Witherspoon in an interview, but there’s no indication that the two know each other. The 27-year-old actress didn’t say that Witherspoon is her real-life mentor, but simply expressed that she’s inspired by her career. The idea that Julia “warned” the actress not to associate with her niece simply doesn’t make sense.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who tells us on the condition of anonymity that the magazine’s story is fabricated. We’re assured Julia never confronted Witherspoon about her niece. We’re also told there’s no rivalry between the two A-list actresses.

Unfortunately, we’re not surprised that Woman’s Day Australia is attempting to create nonexistent drama between the two stars. Gossip Cop has busted the magazine more than once for falsely claiming that Witherspoon was feuding with “Big Little Lies” co-star Nicole Kidman. This latest article is more fiction.


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