Julia Roberts Getting Plastic Surgery To Save Her Marriage?

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Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Save Marriage

By Andrew Shuster |

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Save Marriage


Julia Roberts is not getting plastic surgery to save her marriage to Danny Moder, despite an absurd tabloid report. The actress isn’t going under the knife to fix nonexistent marriage problems. Gossip Cop can debunk the ridiculous story.

According to NW, the 51-year-old actress has been getting a number of nips and tucks in a desperate attempt to save her 17-year marriage. The magazine contends that the actress is going on a “surgery spree” to reignite the spark with her husband. “Julia’s gone from a C-cup to a DD,” an alleged insider tells the magazine. “She is way perkier and it’s no secret that this is an area of her body which has given her a lot of insecurity in the past.”

The questionable tipster adds, “Her and Danny’s love life has needed some help, so Julia’s bitten the bullet to spice things up.” The seemingly phony source also maintians that Roberts has gotten a facelift and lip fillers “to regain her youthful looks” and prevent Moder from setting his sights on younger women.

Every aspect of the tabloid’s article is fabricated. For starters, Roberts has already spoken out against undergoing cosmetic surgery. “By Hollywood standards, I guess I’ve already taken a big risk in not having had a facelift,” the actress said in a 2014 interview while promoting her collaboration with the cosmetics company Lancome. She added, “I’ve told Lancome that I want to be an aging model – so they have to keep me for at least five more years until I’m over 50.” Simply put, the actress is a proponent of aging naturally.

Here’s what’s really happening. In late July, Gossip Cop called out NW for falsely claiming Moder had “dumped” Roberts for a younger actress. The magazine said the cinematographer had “walked out” on his wife to work on the movie Flag Day in Canada, where he was supposedly growing close to 41-year-old actress Katheryn Winnick. There was no romance between the two on set.

Instead of acknowledging that Moder hasn’t left Roberts for a younger woman, the magazine is instead alleging that the actress is attempting to look younger to “save” her marriage. This storyline wasn’t true when the tabloid kicked it off two weeks ago, and this follow-up article is no more accurate. Just last month, in fact, Roberts posted a tribute to her husband on Instagram in honor of their 17th wedding anniversary.

It should be mentioned, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid earlier this year for making up a story about Roberts being in a secret romance with Brad Pitt. That clearly wasn’t the case. The unreliable publication seems to come up with new narratives on a whim.


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