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Are celebrities, including Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and Pierce Brosnan, “fleeing” Los Angeles? One tabloid claims the coronavirus pandemic as well as the homelessness problem in the California city caused the exodus. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and can add some much-needed clarity.

Celebrities Fleeing 'Collapsing' Hollywood?

The National Enquirer reports this week that some of the biggest names in Hollywood are “abandoning Tinseltown” in order to “escape the Covid-19 pandemic” as well as a “collapsing entertainment industry.” A “well-known publicist,” who apparently was too embarrassed about speaking with such a disreputable outlet as the Enquirer to use their name, explains,

Hollywood infrastructure has collapsed due to the virus. If an actor isn’t working, they provide no commissions to their agents, no fees to their managers, publicists, assistants, drivers or security.

According to the tabloid, the entertainment industry is “teetering on the brink” after having lost thousands of jobs and “at least $160 billion.” That economic uncertainty, the outlet posits, is the leading factor causing celebrities to “flee” LA. As examples, the publication brings up Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder’s recent move to San Francisco. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s acquisition of Greek citizenship and Pierce Brosnan putting his Malibu home on the market are also used as proof of a celebrity migration from the City of Angels.

Homelessness Problem Partially To Blame?

“Celebrities are running away,” insists an L.A. based real estate agent who spoke with the outlet, adding “Even though they live in Beverly Hills or Malibu, as soon as they leave their properties they pass homeless encampments. It’s the worst!” Yes, even worse than having to live in a homeless encampment is having to drive by one as you leave your mansion. Could the Enquirer be any more tasteless?

Certainly a few stars have moved from LA, including Julia Roberts buying and renovating a house in San Francisco, and yes, Los Angeles does have a very bad homelessness problem. Guess where else in California is notorious for a large homeless population: San Francisco. Isn’t it strange that an article that directly lists homeless encampments as one of the issues celebrities are supposedly fleeing from neglects to mention the fact that the Pretty Woman star’s new digs will also likely be in proximity to many homeless people?

The article also neglects to mention New York City, another bastion for celebrities and the entertainment industry, even though it’s also been hit hard by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It’s also another city infamous for its homeless population and many of its traditional entertainment industries, including Broadway, have been effectively shut down since the onslaught of the deadly virus.

The entire piece sort of falls apart when you realize that though there are a few celebrities leaving the city, most have remained, and some, like Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, have even bought a home in the LA-area in recent months. Obviously, some people are moving in while others move out, which is business as usual in the LA real estate market.

This tabloid in particular is infamous for its bad takes when it comes to celebrities moving. For instance, Gossip Cop recently busted the outlet for claiming that Julia Roberts “weirded out” her LA friends with her sudden move to San Francisco. Last year, the tabloid reported that Pierce Brosnan was quitting Hollywood and moving to Hawaii. Gossip Cop checked in with the actor’s spokesperson who denied the rumors. Perhaps this supermarket gossip rag shouldn’t be trusted to truthfully report on celebrity moving stories, or anything else, really.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop cannot come to a verdict either way.


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