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Julia Roberts and Danny Moder's 15-year marriage isn't "on the rocks," nor is her friendship with Richard Gere threatening their relationship, despite a completely inaccurate tabloid report. Gossip Cop looked into the alleged marital drama and we can exclusively set the record straight.

The spouses recently spent time together with their two kids in Croatia, where the cinematographer is working on a film. But according to an article in the latest issue of Star, Roberts only visited her husband in an attempt to save their supposedly troubled marriage. The magazine claims the couple's alleged problems began in 2015 when the actress reconnected with Pretty Woman co-star Gere to celebrate the film's 25th anniversary. The unreliable outlet contends that the former colleagues started meeting up for "secret dinner rendezvous" following the reunion, and Moder became livid after learning of the situation.

A so-called "source" tells the outlet, "Julia insists that things with Richard are strictly platonic and they see each other only because of work commitments, but it's really testing Danny's limits. He's sick of looking like a fool." Of course, Gossip Cop has debunked this bogus narrative several times already, but we still checked in with a source close to the situation, who once again assures us this latest article is entirely "false." Roberts and her husband aren't headed for a split, nor has she ever met up with Gere behind his back.

In fact, Star published an inaccurate cover story in August alleging Roberts and Gere had a "secret romance," but we exclusively corrected the report. It should also be noted, the publication teases this week's phony story on its cover with a doctored photo (below) that makes it appear as if Roberts and Gere are on a beach together. "Julia Runs Off With Richard Gere!" blares the misleading headline right under the manipulated picture. The magazine also promises in its story to take readers "inside the steamy romantic vacation."

But Gossip Cop did some investigating, and we discovered the picture of Roberts was taken during a family outing to a Malibu beach in 2012, while the photo of Gere is from a 2009 vacation in Mexico. Star deceptively superimposed the images together, when in reality the two stars were never on the same beach at the same time. As for the alleged "steamy romantic vacation," the tabloid's article doesn't even make mention of such a trip. See the fake photo below.

Julia Roberts Richard Gere Beach


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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