Julia Roberts bought a new house in Malibu just to "keep" Danny Moder at home, according to a ridiculous theory. Gossip Cop can bust this untrue allegation, which comes from the tabloids.

The latest edition of In Touch features a headline dramatically announcing, "Julia's Desperate Move To Keep Danny At Home." The tabloids notes Roberts already owns two homes in Malibu and recently bought a third. But the magazine contends the purchase wasn't made merely to "bolster her real estate portfolio" or to provide extra space for friends and family. Rather, it's alleged the main reason Roberts spent a "fortune" was to "bolster her marriage."

"She's hoping that the purchase of the most expensive surf shack in Malibu will help her marriage by keeping Danny from going away on extended surf trips," a so-called "friend" claims to the outlet, adding, "Julia is hoping that by giving Danny his own incredible surf spot, it will stave off any divorce talk." Of course, as Gossip Cop always points out, no real "friends" of celebrities talks to tabloids about them.

Furthermore, the "divorce talk" has consistently come from this very publication. For example, in July 2016, more than a year ago now, there was a false cover story about Roberts and Moder getting a $250 million divorce. More recently, in May, the publication claimed Roberts was "flirting with other men," and questioned if they'll "make it to their 15th wedding anniversary in July." Well, July has come and gone, and Roberts and Moder marked their milestone anniversary without issue.

It's just not the narrative the tabloid has been pushing. And that's why it is trying to absurdly tie a home purchase Roberts made back in June to saving her marriage now in August. The claims are flimsy at best, as the magazine wants readers to believe Roberts is so rich and so frivolous with money that she has no problem spending nearly $4 million just to keep her husband happy. It's also a stretch to assert that a third house in same area in which they already have two homes could be the key to Moder staying in the marriage.

While In Touch claims Roberts made a "desperate move," it's actually the outlet that's desperate. The publication has tried so hard, and failed so badly, at making it seem like the actress is on the brink of divorce that it's now trying to use a two-month-old real estate purchase to prove there's marital trouble. The tabloid is set on spinning a fictional saga, and this is just the latest chapter. Gossip Cop is again assured the magazine is out of touch.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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