Julia Roberts NOT Caught Kissing “Mystery Man,” Despite Report

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Julia Roberts Mystery Man

By Michael Lewittes |

Julia Roberts Mystery Man

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Julia Roberts’s marriage is not in “crisis” nor was she caught kissing a “mystery man,” despite a report from a clueless site. Gossip Cop can correct this highly inaccurate claim.

According to the repeatedly discredited RadarOnline, Roberts is now embroiled in an “epic scandal” after she was photographed this week having “planted a big kiss on a mystery man at the Soho House in Malibu.” The unreliable outlet breathlessly alleges that the smooch is “sparking more rumors of trouble in paradise with husband Danny Moder.” “Look away, Danny!” further exclaims the webloid.

The outlet then writes without any proof, “Roberts had no problem cozying up to a mystery man this week when her husband of 14 years wasn’t around.” Of Roberts and the supposed romantic “mystery man,” the website notes, “The pair was seen hugging and laughing together.” From there, the often disproven webloid claims Roberts and Moder have had “marriage problems” and “tried a trial separation last fall to see if that could restore their bitter feelings towards each other.” “Looks like their separation could continue,” concludes the site.

Gossip Cop will cut to the chase: For a website that reports about the entertainment industry, RadarOnline seemingly knows very little about its players. It’s no “mystery” as to the identity of the man who innocently kissed Roberts outside the Soho House. His name is Richard Lovett, and he’s the Oscar-winning actress’ longtime agent, and one of the heads of the powerful talent agency CAA. The fact that the webloid didn’t know or recognize Lovett, and then built a completely fictitious story about him being her “mystery man,” borders on pathetic.

As for the allegations that Roberts and Moder are having “marriage problems” and were on a “trial separation,” that’s also untrue. Gossip Cop has repeatedly exposed RadarOnline’s sister publication Star for its false reports about Roberts divorcing Moder. We corrected the tabloid when it wrongly made that claim four months ago, and we bust the outlet in 2015 as well when it untruthfully alleged Moder dumped Roberts. In fact, Gossip Cop even shot down the magazine back in 2014 when it ran a fabricated cover story that asserted Roberts was getting divorced from Moder. Time, of course, proved us right.

Basically, these untrustworthy tabloids and webloids are taking the U.S. divorce rate of about 50 percent (and arguably a bit higher in Hollywood), and making up stories or guessing that certain celebrities will split. There’s no hard evidence of marital strife between Roberts and Moder. Actually, a lot of it is factually wrong, like claiming the actress has a “mystery man” in her life, when it’s simply her agent.

Should Roberts one day divorce for a completely unrelated reason, undoubtedly RadarOnline will claim it was right all along. But remember, the webloid and its sister publication has been dead wrong for more than two years with this false narrative. Currently, the only “mystery” is why anyone would believe the site’s inaccurate “marriage in crisis” article.

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