Julia Roberts Worried About Her Husband Working With Sean Penn?

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Julia Roberts Sean Penn Danny Moder

By Andrew Shuster |

Julia Roberts Sean Penn Danny Moder

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Is Julia Roberts worried about husband Danny Moder working on a movie with Sean Penn because the actor is a notorious “bad boy”? That’s the bogus claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can debunk it.

Moder is the cinematographer on the upcoming drama Flag Day, which is being directed by Penn. According to Star, Roberts fears the actor is going to be a bad influence on her husband. “Julia and Sean are old friends, and she’s worried that his womanizing and hard-partying might rub off on Danny,” a supposed insider tells the outlet. Making matters worse, says the alleged tipster, is that the film includes a cast of younger actresses, including Criminal Minds star Bailey Noble and Vikings star Katheryn Winnick.

The seemingly phony source adds, “Julia does her research, not just for her own films, but for Danny’s too, because she likes to know who’s involved – mainly, which actresses could potentially lure him away. It’s no wonder Julia’s jealousy and insecurity issues have reared their ugly head.” The questionable insider further contends that Roberts is in danger of pushing Moder away if she gets too controlling and suspicious, but “she doesn’t see anything wrong with protecting her assets – including her husband.”

Every aspect of the magazine’s story is absurd. For starters, it’s already outdated. Flag Day has wrapped shooting, despite the tabloid attempting to sell its story in the present tense. Meanwhile, the idea that Penn is going around wooing actresses while directing a movie is ridiculous, and the notion that he’d encourage Moder to join him is even more ludicrous. It’s also worth stressing, Moder has worked on countless projects during his 17-year marriage to Roberts, and there’s never been an issue with him pursuing female stars on set. The set of Flag Day wasn’t any different just because Penn was behind the camera. A source close to the situation assures us the publication’s narrative is nonsense.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time a tabloid has used Penn to create problems between the longtime spouses. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted New Idea for falsely claiming Moder was upset about Roberts’ friendship with Penn. This latest article paints the actress as the jealous one, but it’s no more accurate.

This also isn’t the first time the production of Flag Day has been used as the inspiration for a fake story about the couple. Back in July, at which time the film was still in production, NW falsely claimed Moder had dumped Roberts for Winnick, one of the stars of the film mentioned above. That obviously didn’t happen. It’s no closer to happening now that the movie has wrapped.

As for Star, the unreliable outlet has a bad habit of wrongly predicting trouble for the spouses. As recently as June, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for alleging Roberts and Moder’s marriage was “crumbling” due to their “differing lifestyles.”  The tabloid clearly doesn’t know anything about the couple’s marriage, so it prints fiction about them instead.


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