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Julia Roberts and Dylan McDermott, former fiances, may reunite, much to Danny Moder’s chagrin. One tabloid reports unhappiness in the Roberts home over this reunion, so Gossip Cop is taking a closer look.

Insecure Moder Fumes Over Reunion

According to New Idea, Moder is upset about Roberts reuniting with McDermott in a sequel to Steel Magnolias. A supposed insider claims “Julia and Dylan have been getting super close while working on the script.” This is all “putting more stress on her allegedly strained marriage to” Moder.

Screenshot of Julia Roberts and Dylan McDermott's characters getting married in Steel Magnolias

Moder and McDermott were briefly engaged after filming Steel Magnolias, and “it’s like they’ve picked up where they left off.” Moder “would feel better if [McDermott] were married.” Part of Moder’s jealousy stems from McDermott’s looks as well, as the article closes by saying “Dylan looks better than he did in his 20s.”

This Movie Doesn’t Exist

Roberts’s next project is going to be a reunion with Denzel Washington in an adaptation of Leave The World Behind. In fact, Just last month Gossip Cop busted another tabloid for basically making the exact same claim about Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. McDermott will star opposite Will Smith in King Richard. There is no sequel to Steel Magnolias in production, so this story is completely false. Roberts recently celebrated her eighteenth anniversary with Moder in an Instagram post, so the report of a “strained marriage” is bogus as well.

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?18 years? #heckyes

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Jealous Moder Strikes Again

Not even a month ago New Idea embarrassingly published a story about Moder fuming because of Roberts and Matthew McConaughey getting flirty at a table read for Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The table read didn’t happen, it got delayed due to technical difficulties, which made it clear as day that this tabloid was just making the whole thing up. The trope of a jealous Moder pops up so often that Gossip Cop has collected some stories.

Old Flames Trope In Effect

We’ve also seen this tabloid try to rekindle old flames. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were said to be back together and looking for a famous surrogate. Katie Holmes and Chris Klein had “fallen in love” once again. New Idea likes these stories of old romances not because they’re true, but because they’re highly marketable.

Tabloid Has It Out For Roberts

This tabloid does not know anything when it comes to Roberts and Moder’s marriage. It once claimed Roberts was pregnant with a fourth child, but that baby never came. It claimed Roberts had thrown Moder out of the house, but that was similarly false. McDermott is not reconnecting with Roberts at all, nor is there any strain being put on a healthy marriage.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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