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Julia Roberts is in the tabloids again. This week, one outlet is reporting that her husband, Danny Moder, is “losing patience” with her because she has signed on to work with Denzel Washington and he's jealous of the renowned actor. Gossip Cop investigated the story.

Julia Roberts And Denzel Washington Are Reuniting On Screen

A couple weeks ago, Netflix announced that Roberts and Washington would be teaming up for a new movie, Leave The World Behind. Woman’s Day took that announcement and within hours, it seems, began concocting a ludicrous fable that merely signing on to the film has Robert’s husband “anxious” and “nervous” because, according to the dubious magazine’s so-called insider, “Julia and Denzel share a long and very interesting past.”

Screenshot from The Pelican Brief with Denzel Washington on the left and Julia Roberts on the right.
(Warner Bros.)

That past, of course, includes The Pelican Brief, which Roberts and Washington starred together in 27 years ago. According to the tabloid’s “source,” Roberts “can’t go team up with him again.” The tabloid’s unnamed tipster claims Julia Roberts can’t stop talking about how “talented, funny, and handsome” Denzel Washington is. The insider adds, “Julia will be working with this so-called dream man, who means so much to Julia, for months on a movie set.”

Finally, this unscrupulous source ponders what might happen when filming begins, saying, “No one can deny [Julia] can be a skilled flirt and even the most powerful men and no match for her stunning smile.” Ok, so where do we even begin with this phony report? How about from the top.

The Story Doesn't Stand Up To Scrutiny

It’s probably true that Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts are excited to work together, but this idea that Roberts is going to cheat on her husband with a co-star is ridiculous. Moder and Roberts have been married for almost two decades. Roberts even celebrated their anniversary just last month with a loving post to Moder on her Instagram page. Secondly, she’s not the only one who’s been married for a long time.

Julia Roberts on the left, with her husband, Danny Moder.
(Getty Images)

Denzel Washington has been married to his wife, Paulette, for almost four decades now. He’s shown over and over how important his family is to him, so why would anyone assume he’s going to all of a sudden fall for one of his co-stars? Both actors have made dozens of movies combined since getting married to their respective spouses, so what makes this any different? We’ll tell you: nothing.

Denzel Washington on the left, with his wife Paulette.
(Jaguar PS/

This Is A Old Trope By The Tabloids

Of course, this is hardly new territory for Woman’s Day. The tabloid has tried to invent drama between her and her husband and a co-star before. Two years ago, it published a bogus report claiming that Roberts and Moder were fighting over Brad Pitt, Roberts’ co-star in The Mexican. Ironically, it was that same movie set where Roberts met Moder and they first began their love affair.

Time has changed nothing for the tabloid. In June, we busted the magazine for alleging that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder were quarantining separately, with Roberts in New Mexico while Moder was at their home in Malibu. The outlet quoted another supposed “insider” as saying, “They’ve been struggling along in their marriage for a while, but when L.A. locked down, they found themselves stuck in the house 24/7 together.” Once again, Gossip Cop looked into the claim, and once again, we found it was yet another complete fabrication. The couple is doing great, despite this unreliable tabloid constantly trying to claim otherwise.


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