Truth About Julia Roberts’ Health

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Julia Roberts sitting at a table with a young student in Vietnam

By Hugh Scott |

Julia Roberts sitting at a table with a young student in Vietnam

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Julia Roberts health is a major concern for the tabloids. Despite seeming to be in excellent shape, the gossip media regularly publishes bogus reports with dire headlines about the actress. These are just a few of the time Gossip Cop has debunked incorrect stories about Roberts’ health.

Last year, OK! alleged Roberts was losing weight due to marriage problems. The tabloid claimed her frame was “shrinking” and it was putting stress on her relationship with her husband Danny Moder. The outlet contended that the couple had “fallen out of love” and “friends think they could divorce soon.” The tabloids often allege her marriage to Moder is in trouble, but it’s not. It’s a rumor Gossip Cop debunks almost weekly. There was no truth to this one either, as we pointed out at the time.

In April, the National Enquirer put the actress on its cover with a bold headline proclaiming Roberts was going blind amid a health crisis. Inside the pages of the magazine, the article alleged Roberts was suffering for the lingering effects of spinal meningitis she contracted decades earlier. Thankfully, Gossip Cop can report that the A-lister is not now, nor was she ever going blind, as we reported originally.

Last month, In Touch jumped into the fold by rehashing a story from its sister publication, OK! The magazine also maintained that Roberts was suffering a health crisis due to marriage problems. Like the previous bogus article, this latest one was similarly false. The Homecoming star is just fine. Her marriage to Moder is not in crisis, nor has she been suffering any health problems. Gossip Cop debunked that story after checking with our own source, who confirmed the story was false.

Finally, just this week, NW recycled the same phony narrative when it published an article asserting Roberts was “wasting away” as her marriage was haning “by a thread.” The tabloid insisted the Pretty Woman actress was “extremely gaunt and frail.” It quoted a supposed insider as saying, “It could be from the stress of things getting messy with Danny or it could be to get his attention – perhaps a little of both.” The insider claimed Roberts was worried Moder would “file for divorce and take half her money,” and then “head for Hawaii with her kids and never come back.”

Gossip Cop busted that story, and we backed up our reporting with evidence of actress’s busy schedule. That includes her current tour of Southeast Asia with former First Lady Michelle Obama. The two have been touring schools in Vietnam and Malaysia promoting the Obama Foundation’s Girls Opportunity Alliance program. It’s hardly the kind of trip a person suffering a health crisis could take.


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