Julia Roberts “Flirting With Other Men” Report Is Fake News

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Julia Roberts Flirting Other Men

By Shari Weiss |

Julia Roberts Flirting Other Men

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Julia Roberts is not “flirting with other men,” nor is Danny Moder in a “jealous rage.” It’s just more fake news from the tabloids.

This latest story can be found in the current issue of In Touch, which claims the couple’s marriage has been rocked by “new drama.” A so-called “family friend” alleges to the tabloid that ever since Roberts filmed a “Running Wild” special with Bear Grylls for Red Nose Day, she’s “been extolling Bear’s virtues,” and “it really burns Danny up.” Never is it explained why a family friend would be talking to a gossip magazine about such personal matters.

But the article goes on to assert that Grylls is the not the only object of Roberts’ affection. The actress’ supposedly flirty behavior with a number of soccer players the family has met is also “fueling problems” in her marriage, contends the outlet. Maintains the publication’s supposed source, “Her overly affectionate way with these famous younger men has Danny jealous,” as well as “red-faced with humiliation.”

And with other alleged marital woes, the tabloid insists “Julia’s flirting with other men hasn’t helped the relationship,” and friends now “wonder if they’ll make it to their 15th wedding anniversary in July.” The “family friend” is further quoted as claiming, “I don’t know how much more this marriage can withstand.”

That’s an odd thing to say considering the magazine falsely announced a Roberts-Moder “divorce bombshell” in 2015. That was followed in 2016 with a cover story wrongly announcing Roberts was heading for a $250 million divorce. Most recently, in January, an edition erroneously declared Roberts was “dumped after 14 years of marriage.” Yet through it all, the couple has remained together.

And this new report, about Roberts supposedly “flirting with other men,” is just the outlet’s latest angle. The publication keeps claiming she and Moder are divorcing. They keep not divorcing. But In Touch keeps trying to dupe readers with new variations of the same false allegations. It amounts to nothing but fake news each time.

Furthermore, Gossip Cop has already debunked nonsense about Roberts, Moder and Grylls. The suggestion that the actress is also risking her marriage by having friendly chats with soccer players on family outings is just as ridiculous. Or as one contact tells us, the magazine and its writers “don’t know what they’re talking about.” Roberts and Moder themselves proved as much when they happily stepped out together just last week.

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