Julia Roberts NOT “Dumped,” Despite Report

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Juia Roberts Dumped

By Shari Weiss |

Juia Roberts Dumped

(In Touch)

Julia Roberts was NOT “dumped” by husband Danny Moder, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can bust the report.

It’s the new issue of In Touch that blares, “Julia Roberts Dumped! After 14 Years Of Marriage.” It says inside the edition, “Julia Roberts’ marriage crumbles as she and husband Danny Moder have the fight to end all fights.” What supposedly happened?

It’s alleged that in December Moder started living apart from Roberts in a house they own across the street from their main estate, and earlier this month, he “made a life-changing decision that signaled the beginning of the end.” According to a so-called “family friend,” he “told Julia that he was not coming home because he finally felt free and at peace. The crushing news set Julia off, and the couple had their worst fight ever.”

“He decided an acrimonious marriage just wasn’t worth it any longer,” claims the supposed source. “Danny said he was letting go. He dumped her. Julia thought it would blow over just like it always did and was devastated when he told her he wasn’t coming back. Now it’s become a cold war between them, with Danny hunkered down across the street.”

The magazine puts the blame for the alleged demise of the marriage on “everything from her control issues and complaints that he’s never around to his insecurities and [fights over] how to raise their three kids.” It’s further asserted that “the relationship has been on a downward slide for at least two years,” and “divorce is now a very real option.”

But the publication sneaks in an out towards the end of its article. After very much making it seem like their marriage is ending, the tabloid adds, “But if Julia has her way, they’ll never divorce.” It’s even noted that they just took a “family trip” to Washington, D.C. last week.

And this is hardly the first time the magazine has published such dubious split claims. Last July, for instance, there was a cover announcing “Julia Roberts $250 Million Divorce!” and “The Fight That Ended It All.” Before that, in 2015, was a “Divorce Bombshell” cover. It’s all still NOT true.

But what makes this new cover story especially problematic is that In Touch published a paparazzi photo of the couple’s three children dressed in sports apparel with their school’s name clearly visible. Not only is this against the #NoKidsPolicy that most respectable outlets have embraced, but it now tells the world exactly where these minor kids go to school. It’s a stunning violation of privacy, and quite possibly endangers them.

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