Julia Roberts did not say Donald Trump is "the best president in U.S. history," despite a made-up headline on a fake news site. Gossip Cop can expose the outlet's deceptive practices. The actress never expressed her staunch support for Trump.

The untrustworthy blog Daily News For Americans features pages of phony headlines with no actual articles attached. These headlines typically contain a fake quote from a celebrity spouting a controversial political opinion. The outlet has an ongoing narrative about Roberts being a diehard supporter of the president, with one headline reading, "Actress Julia Roberts Says: Trump Is The Best President in U.S. History and We Must Respect Him."

Where and when did the actress make this statement? The website doesn't say. In fact, that headline is the entirety of the article. Once a reader clicks on the fabricated headline, there's no actual content to be found. Daily News For Americans is nothing but click-bait. Gossip Cop is hard-pressed to even call it a "fake news" site, seeing as the outlet is too lazy to make up fake news. The blog merely consists of bogus headlines designed to dupe readers and generate clicks.

For whatever reason, the majority of the site's headlines about Roberts pertain to her alleged devotion to Trump. In addition to the one listed above, another reads, "Julia Roberts To Hillary Clinton: 'What Happened To You? You Are So Jealous About Trump, If I Were Him I Would Deport You From This Country Because You Are Traitor So Your Place Is Not In This Country.'" Additional headlines have the actress saying she plans to "boycott against all the Trump haters" and insisting the country "was destroyed by Obama."

Of course, the actress didn't express any of these political opinions. To the contrary, Roberts attended the Women's March on Washington in January to protest Trump's inauguration. Also, Gossip Cop recently called out the fake news site Daily New Posts for publishing an almost identical headline alleging Brad Pitt said Trump is "the best president in U.S. history." There are plenty of A-listers sharing their actual feelings about the president, so there's no need to make up this nonsense.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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