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A story from the Australian tabloid NW, titled "Julia's $200M Divorce Shock," claims Julia Roberts is a "runaway wife" who's about to leave her husband of 15 years, Danny Moder. But Gossip Cop can correct this untrue report. We're told the entire article is "wrong."

After first noting how Roberts was briefly married to country singer Lyle Lovett, the publication maintains the actress is "staring down the barrel of divorce number two if things don't change... and fast." A so-called "insider" tells the Aussie outlet that Roberts and Moder have simply "just grown apart." And to back up its premise, the magazine features a photo of Roberts on the New York City set of her new movie Ben Is Back, with a supposed "onlooker" offering that the Oscar-winner looked "glum" and "down in the dumps... like something was weighing on her mind."

From there, the tabloid mentions that Moder "seems to have stayed in California with their kids," before an alleged "insider" adds, "Things aren't great right now. They're living separate lives, something definitely seems to be up." "Julia is so somber and not her usual bubbly self on set," continues the questionable tipster.

And that's all the magazine has before referencing previously debunked stories from the equally untrustworthy Star. The Down Under publication quotes a supposed "source" telling the American tabloid in November, "She's moved out all of Danny's belongings, and now he's in this 'bachelor pad' across the street... Friends are worried Julia might never take him back."

As if the new story about Roberts wasn't already inaccurate enough, the Australian outlets contends "another major sticking point in the couple's marriage... is Danny's resentment of Julia's ongoing relationship with her Pretty Woman leading man Richard Gere." The tabloid says that the two former costars "started meeting up for 'secret dinner rendezvous' after reconnecting in 2015 to celebrate the film's 25th anniversary, leaving Danny livid."

The magazine concludes its facts-challenged article by again quoting its possibly made-up "insider" as saying, "The longer they're apart, the harder it will be to get back together. They may have reached the point of no return." Actually, it seems NW has passed that point with its beyond untrue report.

Right off the bat, Roberts and Moder are not set for a "divorce shock" anytime soon. Nor is the actress a "runaway wife," as claimed. Additionally, while she works on her latest film in New York, the reason Moder has "stayed in California with their kids" is because that's where the children go to school.

Also, the account from the "onlooker" on the set of Ben Is Back is ridiculous. The photo used in the magazine of the actress looking "glum" from a scene she was shooting. In Ben Is Back, Roberts plays Lucas Hedges' mother, and by various reports, her character is suspicious when her son returns home unexpectedly on Christmas Eve, though he's in some kind of danger. The claim that Roberts looked on-set as if "something was weighing on her mind" is precisely because that's what the scene being shot called for.

After that, the Australian outlet cribs a totally untrue Star cover story that Gossip Cop busted several months ago about the couple having supposedly separated. Despite the supermarket tabloid swearing up and down that Moder and Roberts were living apart, as Gossip Cop rightly reported, they've remained happily married. An insider assured us then the tale was 100 percent "false," and time has once again proven us correct.

Next, the magazine asserts that "another major sticking point" for Moder and Roberts is her alleged "secret dinner rendezvous" with Gere. But it's all a lie. The phony narrative about Roberts and Gere being in a secret romance began last summer, thanks to Star, but it's 100 percent fiction. A rep for Gere has even assured Gossip Cop on several occasions that it's untrue.

Basically, the Australian tabloid seemingly took a photo from the set of Roberts new movie and manufactured a bogus "divorce" article around it. It then tried to bolster its made-up tale with debunked reports from the past. Still, Gossip Cop fact-checks every article, and a Roberts source tells us the magazine's story is completely "wrong."

But it's not just us saying it. The actress herself recently praised Moder. Roberts said in the December issue of InStyle that among the keys to a good life is to "marry the right person."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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