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So, what do you do if you're a website that's been making up fake news stories about Julia Roberts getting a divorce from her husband Danny Moder for a long time, and then they're photographed looking happy? You manufacture yet another phony article to cover your tracks. And that's what RadarOnline has now done.

Six months ago, the blog published an entirely untrue story that claimed Roberts was spotting kissing a "mystery man" and that her marriage to Moder was in "crisis." The untrustworthy outlet called it an "epic scandal," and breathlessly reported that Roberts was "cozying up" to another man while "her husband of 14 years wasn't around." The often discredited site further alleged Roberts and Moder were in the midst a "trial separation." But the entire article was a giant lie.

The photo RadarOnline based its untrue account around was of Roberts innocently giving a peck to Richard Lovett, her longtime agent, and one of the heads of the talent agency CAA. If nothing else, not only did that story underscore how little the webloid knows about Roberts, but also about Hollywood and its players in general. Sadly, however, the tall tales about Roberts' marriage didn't end there.

A little more than a week ago, the outlet absurdly published an article that falsely maintained Roberts and Moder were "headed for divorce" because he was allegedly jealous of her filming a TV special with Bear Grylls. In the real world, Roberts and British adventurer shot a special "Running Wild," featuring them getting life-saving vaccines to people who desperately need them in far off villages in Kenya. Shamelessly, though, the fake news creators at RadarOnline used their humanitarian work to speculate about Roberts and Gryll's "romantic African nights in the wild." "This could be the final nail in the coffin of [Roberts and Moder's] marriage," a seemingly fabricated source was quoted as supposedly saying.

That bring us to the latest fake news story. After photos emerged of Roberts and Moder in Malibu on Saturday, the outlet scrambled to put together a new article that alleges their purported divorce is "on hold" and they're "making one more attempt to save their 14-year marriage." It's more like RadarOnline is attempting to save its butt from all the phony reports it has previously published. Not surprisingly, the site has one of its questionable sources claim that even though Moder and Roberts' "marriage has been on the rocks for ages," they now "look happy."

Gossip Cop hasn't seen a flip-flop like that since we visited the beaches in Rio. Regardless, we checked in with an actual insider, and we're exclusively told the "divorce on hold" story is yet another example of fake news. "It's all crazy. Not true," adds our impeccable source.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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