Julia Roberts and Danny Moder “Divorce” Report Made Up By Star

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Julia Roberts Divorce

By Daniel Gates |

Julia Roberts Divorce


Julia Roberts has NOT been “dumped” by Danny Moder. They are NOT getting a “$225 million divorce.” Star made up the story, like Star has made up countless phony divorce stories. Gossip Cop can bust the report.

Star tried to do this before. Back in October, the magazine claimed the couple was getting divorced. Gossip Cop exclusively busted the rumor, and we were 100 percent correct. Of course, in the last year or so, Star has run cover stories claiming Reese Witherspoon, Will Smith, Channing Tatum, Faith Hill, Nicole Kidman, Justin Timberlake, and Tom Hanks were getting divorced. Star struck out every time.

Star has proven that it has no idea what it’s talking about when it comes to these alleged divorce scoops. Here’s the pattern when it’s a slow news week: Star picks a famous person, makes up a giant dollar figure, and slaps “divorce” on its cover. The stories are always fake. Star is always wrong. Gossip Cop is always right.

In any case, this time around, Star uses a picture of Roberts crying in character on a movie set as the basis for its entire bogus premise. The tabloid says her marriage is “falling apart.” A so-called “source” tells the outlet, “They’ve been desperately trying to make it work, but Danny’s reached a breaking point, and he’s done.” There’s the typical filler about how Moder and Roberts allegedly “fight constantly,” how he’s supposedly sick of her “controlling ways,” how couples therapy has purportedly failed, etc. It’s the same old, tired Star theme: A longtime couple is allegedly falling apart behind the scenes, despite all appearances and evidence to the contrary.

It’s made up, just like the last Star divorce story about Roberts and Moder, and countless similar stories about different celebrity couples, all using the same template. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop there’s “no truth” to Roberts-Moder divorce talk.


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