Julia Roberts “Divorce Bombshell”?

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Julia Roberts Divorce Bombshell October 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Julia Roberts Divorce Bombshell October 2015

(In Touch)

Julia Roberts’ marriage to Danny Moder is NOT “crumbling,” despite a tabloid falsely claiming to have a “divorce bombshell.” Gossip Cop can debunk the report.

According to the new issue of In Touch, Roberts and Moder are living “separate lives” and are on the brink of splitting up. A so-called “friend” is quoted as saying, “In the past few months, a huge cold front has consumed them.” A “devastating rift” is blamed on Moder’s “devotion to his career over family” and Roberts’ supposedly “demanding” ways.

“Their differences are proving insurmountable,” declares In Touch. And, alleging the couple is at the “breaking point,” the magazine’s source claims, “Those close to them are saying that if they can’t resolve their differences, it will ultimately destroy the marriage — and that they will divorce.” But here’s the REAL bombshell: In Touch is once again woefully out of touch.

In a sign of inexplicable cluelessness and stupidity, not to mention facts-challenged “sources,” the tabloid’s story comes just after the release of Roberts’ new Allure interview, in which she spoke about the joy of working on film projects with her husband. Their newest movie, Secrets In Their Eyes, will be out next month, and their repeat collaborations suggest anything but “separate lives” or issues with Moder’s career.

And while Roberts and Moder notoriously shun the spotlight, they vacationed this summer with George Clooney and stepped out together with their kids in late August. Again, that hardly sounds like “separate lives.” But tabloids like In Touch rarely let reality get in the way of a juicy cover, which is why it plastered this and its equally-false Jennifer Aniston tale on the front of this week’s issue. It’s shameful and pathetic.


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