Truth About Julia Roberts, Danny Moder Taking Trips To Save Their Marriage

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Julia Roberts Danny Moder marriage trips

By Griffin Matis |

Julia Roberts Danny Moder marriage trips

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Julia Roberts and her husband Danny Moder take multiple trips together every year, but the tabloids frequently twist their vacations into false stories about the spouses trying to save their marriage. Gossip Cop has consistently debunked these outlandish claims. Here are some of the worst offenders.

Just last week, OK! came up with a phony story about Roberts and Moder taking a trip to Hawaii to “salvage” their marriage. The tabloid claimed the two were experiencing a “serious lull” in their relationship, so they headed to their “happy place” and successfully reignited their “spark.” In reality, the couple was not experiencing any sort of marital issues and happily celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary in July.

In May, In Touch published a nearly identical piece after the couple went to Hawaii together. The outlet also contended that Roberts and Moder took the trip to “save their marriage” following a string of “heated arguments.” There was no reality to the situation, especially considering that the two were spotted packing on the PDA on the beach during their vacation.

When the couple traveled up north in February, Gossip Cop busted OK! after it swore Roberts and Moder used the Alaskan getaway to reconnect. The outlet tried to validate the fake story by adding that the trip did in fact save their marriage, which is why the couple seemed so happy together. In reality, the couple’s happiness has existed as long as their marriage, and Roberts has pointed that out in multiple interviews both before and after the tabloid’s article emerged.

Just before the Alaska story, Woman’s Day wrote a bogus article about Roberts and Moder visiting Rome for a “make-or-break holiday.” That article even alleged the trip was a failure, but the passage of time has proven that the actress and her husband are very much together. As Gossip Cop pointed out at the time, Roberts and Moder’s love for one another is evident in their public appearances and frequent social media posts.

Couples tend to have hobbies they enjoy doing together, and for Roberts and Moder, that appears to be traveling. No matter how often the tabloids claim these trips are taken in desperate attempts to repair their marriage, it doesn’t change the fact that the two simply enjoy going away together. Regardless of where Roberts and Moder go next, Gossip Cop will keep busting these made-up rumors.


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