Julia Roberts and Danny Moder did not get into an "explosive" fight on her 52nd birthday, nor are they divorcing. Those are the false claims in one of the tabloids this week. Gossip Cop has investigated the story and we can bust it.

This week's National Enquirer has an article alleging Roberts and her husband "are on the brink" of a "$200 million divorce" following a fight on the Pretty Woman star's birthday last month. According to the phony report, the actress was furious that her husband "didn't do enough to mark her 52nd." The piece quotes a so-called insider as saying, "Danny completely dropped the ball as far as Julia was concerned. She thought for sure he would celebrate her birthday with some over-the-top show of affection." When Moder didn't, according to the outlet's supposed insider, "She accused Danny of not caring enough about her."

All of this led to Roberts kicking Moder out of the house and has pushed the actress "towards a $200 million divorce," says the outlet. The questionable tipster adds, "They've tried couples therapy, you name it - nothing's worked! They're ready to finally throw in the towel." Gossip Cop had to wonder if this dubious source is same one NW used last week when it ran an almost identical story, also claiming Roberts and Moder were getting a $200 million divorce after a "full-blown screaming match" on Roberts' birthday.

If it was the same source, the tabloids should stop trusting them, because the story just isn't true. As Gossip Cop noted when we debunked this same narrative last week, Roberts and Moder have been married for 17 strong years, and the actress has had nothing but glowing and loving things to say about her husband, their marriage and their family. The truth is, the Enquirer often publishes phony accounts about the couple fighting and not once have these stories been proven factual. The publication constantly attacks the couple and creates bogus narratives with no basis in reality.

In January, the Enquirer alleged Roberts and Moder were headed for a $245 million divorce because Roberts was leaving him for George Clooney. We should mention that this latest article makes no mention of how the couple lost $45 million in the last 11 months. Meanwhile, Clooney is happily married himself.

In 2017, the tabloid asserted that Roberts was leaving Moder for Richard Gere, resulting in a "$225-million-dollar showdown." In addition to that article being nonsense, it was another example of the tabloid randomly predicting the couple's net worth. According to the magazine, they had $225 million in the bank in 2017, then $245 million in January, but today they're down to $200 million. The outlet has no insight into Roberts' marriage or her bank account.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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