Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are headed for an explosive divorce after a fight on the actress's birthday? That's the bold claim from one tabloid. Gossip Cop found it ridiculous and untrue.

NW claims "the end could be nigh" for the couple after a particularly "epic fight." Adding to the drama is the fact that the whole incident took place on Roberts' 52nd birthday last month, according to the tabloid. "She was expecting Danny to go all out — a party, diamonds, the works," a source tells the magazine. "Julia accused him of not making enough of an effort, which didn't sit well with Danny. Sometimes he feels like nothing is ever good enough for her — and he's getting sick of it." This incident "escalated into a full-blown screaming match," according to the insider.

The outlet then alleges that "these kinds of arguments" are "happening more and more," and the couple may be headed for a "blowout $200 million divorce" if nothing changes. "Julia and Danny put on a united front in public to save face, but behind closed doors, their marriage is hanging by a thread," the tipster claims. "The spark left the marriage after their twins were born," an entirely different "source" adds. "Both of them have their moments of wanting to recapture the magic and get therapy or whatever, but at this point they've tried everything. Reviving this marriage is like flogging a dead horse."

This new source has "doubt Julia and Danny would even be together right now" if it weren't for the couple's three children. "Divorce isn't the dirty word it once was, thanks to the age of 'conscious uncoupling,'" a source adds. "Before it was going to decimate her fortune by two-thirds to divorce Danny, but now Julia doesn't care. She's miserable... as is Danny." The alleged tipster concludes, "Neither of them like the fact that their kids have to see them so unhappy. They're finally doing what they should have done years ago."

First of all, the tabloid really should find "sources" that don't contradict each other. One "insider" says the marriage is "hanging by a thread" while another claims they're definitely doing "what they should have done" and divorcing. Are they actually splitting, as the tabloid strongly implies, or is the magazine just leaving it vague in attempt to cover up the fact that the article will be proven untrue after a few weeks pass and no divorce paperwork surfaces?

The only dead horse getting flogged is the idea that Roberts and Moder have some sort of marriage problem. It's an extremely familiar narrative for NW. In July, the tabloid falsely claimed Moder had dumped Roberts for a younger actress. One month later, the outlet argued that Roberts was getting plastic surgery in a desperate bid to save her marriage. Last month, it published a piece about Roberts leaning on Jason Patric amid marriage trouble. A source close to the situation assures us this ongoing saga is total fiction.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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