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Is Julia Roberts’ husband’s hobby causing more issues in their “strained” marriage? A few months ago, a tabloid claimed Danny Moder’s love of surfing was not sitting well with Roberts. Gossip Cop has looked into the story and here’s what we found out.

“Julia Begs Danny: To Take It Easy!” was the headline for an article that OK! published in early April of this year. The outlet alleged  that while Danny Moder has always an outdoorsman, Julia Roberts is not worried he was turning into a “full-blown adventure junkie.” An alleged insider tells the publication, “She thinks it’s great that he’s keeping fit, but he takes it to such a crazy degree.” The so-called insider continued, “She feels he’s being too risky.”

The magazine added that Roberts is a homebody and prefers a gym workout, but her husband turns to activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, and surfing to “blow off steam.” The tabloid maintained these activities have caused tension in Roberts and Moder's in the past. “This is who he is, even though it’s totally at odds with the rest of the family,” noted the dubious insider. The sketchy tipster concluded that Roberts and her three kids with Moder have recommended other ways for him to "get his fix", but "he’s not willing to give up the things he loves most.”

It seems like the tabloids are always looking for a reason to create drama in Roberts and Moder’s marriage. Claiming Moder is an adrenaline junkie is just another useless tactic. While OK! asserts Moder’s hobbies are ticking Roberts off, it’s quite the opposite. The actress posted a photo of Moder for Father’s Day in which the cinematographer was holding his surfboard as he walked towards the ocean. If Roberts was uncomfortable with her husband surfing then why would she post such a photo? Additionally, the actress just shared a photo of her kissing her husband on the cheek in celebration of the pair's anniversary this past weekend, again discrediting any claims of "tension" in the marriage.

If that’s not enough to assure everyone the couple is indeed fine, let’s take a look at the magazine’s poor track record of reporting on Roberts and Moder’s marriage. Last year, we busted OK! for asserting Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s marriage was back on track after a trip to Hawaii. The story insinuated the couple’s marriage "was on shaky ground" and also threw in that Roberts' was expecting another baby. Neither of these lies were true. Gossip Cop corrected the phony account when it came out.

Earlier this year, we busted OK! for falsely claiming Roberts and Moder were “fighting to maintain” their marriage. With no valid proof, the outlet alleged the pair were "trying to make it work" despite having "major issues" in their marriage. Once again, the outlet based its accusations on the words of an unnamed “insider.” Gossip Cop investigated the narrative and deemed it false. Like this latest story, the tabloids continue to try to build melodrama where there is none.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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