Juicy J Rushed To Hospital With Breathing Trouble, Suffering From Exhaustion (PIC)

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Juicy J Rushed to Hospital Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Juicy J Rushed to Hospital Photo


Juicy J was rushed to the hospital on Saturday, forcing him to cancel a concert in San Francisco. See photo right and below.

The rapper was slated to perform at The Fillmore as part of his “The Hustle Continues Tour,” but announced on Twitter that he was unwell and seeking medical help. “I wanna apologize to my fans in San Fran I had to rush to the hospital,” tweeted Juicy J. “I’m having shortness of breath I love you all pray for me.”

A few hours later, Juicy J shared a picture of himself in a bed at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, where oxygen plugs in his nose, also known as nasal cannulas, were helping him breathe. “The Dr said I’m Exhausted I haven’t been getting enough rest but I’ll be ok,” he wrote on Instagram, adding, “San Fran my Apologies i will make it up #THCTOUR still going strong.”

The performer further wrote in a separate post, “I wanna say thank you to everyone that took care me at the hospital [in] San Fran.” The health emergency came one day after Juicy J performed in Los Angeles. He was scheduled to take the stage Sunday in Idaho, though it’s unclear at this point if that show is still on. Gossip Cop wishes Juicy J a speedy recovery.

Juicy J Hospital Picture



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