Jude Law Needs Third ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Movie With Robert Downey Jr. To Save Career?

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Jude Law Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr

By Andrew Shuster |

Jude Law Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Jr

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One of this week’s tabloids claims Jude Law is upset that a third Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. has been delayed because he desperately needs the film to save his career. The report is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

Sherlock Holmes 3 has been in development for years, but Warner Bros. announced earlier this year that the film will be released on December 25, 2020, nearly a decade after the second film in the series hit theaters. According to the Globe, Law is enraged that the movie hasn’t gotten off the ground sooner. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “He credits the first two films with reviving his career. He needs this franchise more than anybody and is by far the most frustrated at how slowly the third film has come together.”

What the magazine doesn’t mention is that Law already has a major role in another film franchise. The actor plays Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter spinoff series, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, with the second film in the franchise hitting theaters just last week. There are another three movies planned for the series. Should the third Sherlock Holmes movie be delayed further, the world of Harry Potter isn’t exactly a bad fallback plan.

Additionally, Law co-stars in the upcoming superhero movie Captain Marvel and the thriller The Rhythm Section with Blake Lively. The actor is currently filming the HBO series “The New Pope,” a follow-up to his hit limited series “The Young Pope.” Law’s career isn’t in trouble and he’s not banking on a third Sherlock Holmes movie to revive it. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the actor, who tells us on background that the magazine’s story is nonsense.

Unfortunately, when the tabloids aren’t busy making up stories about the actor’s career, they also target his personal life. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted the Globe’s sister publication, Life & Style, for wrongly reporting that Law was having a baby with girlfriend Phillipa Coan. As time has shown, the actor isn’t expecting another child.

Meanwhile, the Globe’s other sister outlet, the National Enquirer, previously reported that Law and Downey Jr. were teaming up for a remake of the 1959 comedy Some Like It Hot, in which two male musicians disguise themselves as women to hide from the mob. That imaginary project was never in the works. This latest article concerning the third Sherlock Holmes movie is similarly false.


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