Tweet Claiming Joy Behar Wished President Died In Trump Tower Fire Is FAKE

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Joy Behar Trump Tower Fire Tweet

By Michael Lewittes |

Joy Behar Trump Tower Fire Tweet

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A tweet that has gone viral and makes it appear Joy Behar wished the president had died in this weekend’s fire at Trump Tower is 100 percent fake. And while the talk show host doesn’t agree with Donald Trump on many, many issues, she never sent a message on Twitter that read, “Fire at Trump tower, one dead – hopefully, it’s Trump!”  A rep for “The View” tells Gossip Cop the alleged tweet was entirely “fabricated” and not the handiwork of Behar. Twitter also confirms the tweet did not come from her.

On Saturday, a fire broke out on the 50th floor of Trump Tower in New York and claimed the life of a 67-year-old resident named Todd Brassner, who died from injuries sustained from the blaze. Four firefighters were also hurt in the fire, but all are expected to survive. Not long after the news of the tragedy, a message went viral on Twitter that asked, “What do you think of Joy Behar’s horrible tweet about the fire at Trump Tower?” above a manufactured tweet that purportedly came from “The View” co-host and supposedly stated, “Fire at Trump tower, one dead – hopefully, it’s Trump!” (screenshot below).

But a scan of Behar’s Twitter feed shows her last tweet was sent on March 22 and was a clip from the show in which she talked about the mating habits of animals. And on March 30, Behar retweeted birthday wishes from “The View” to her 1-year-old-dog Bernie. Since then, Behar has not commented or shared anything on Twitter.

Still, a number of people on Twitter were duped by the fake tweet and even suspected that Behar had posted and then removed the message. One Twitter user wrote, “@JoyVBehar you are a sick and disgusting person for wishing that President Trump would die in the fire knowing that people were injured and a person did die. Joy Behar should be fired. #boycotttheview #boycottjoybehar.” Another individual expressed, “@JoyVBehar So, you hope Trump died in the fire at Trump Towers? You are a vile and disgusting human being and I feel sorry for your dog. Took the tweet down, eh??? I guess you couldn’t stand the heat, maybe you will, some day.”

But that was not all. There were many other irate messages about Behar on Twitter. One person shared, “Here’s a message for ya…the more you open your mouth the more we see what a vile soul-less excuse for a human being you are. An innocent person died in the Trump fire and you wished death on another instead of sadness for the dead and their family. Shame on you and your hate.” Meanwhile another user tweeted, “A man died in Trump Tower #JoyBehar @ABC Time for her to resign or better yet, FIRE HER.”

Again, while Behar is a vocal opponent of the president and even published a book in October titled, The Great Gasbag: An A-to-Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World, the talk show host never wrote anything about the fire or expressed a wished that Trump had died in it. In fact, the fake Twitter message had spread so much that on Sunday, the official account from “The View” responded, “An image of what appears to be a tweet from @JoyVBehar commenting about the president has been circulating on social media. The tweet did not come from Joy and was completely fabricated.” Additionally, a rep for Twitter confirmed the message was not sent from Behar’s account.

Joy Behar Trump Tower Fire



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